Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/16/2011: Saturn, Gay Marriage & You

Keep your grounding cord down, as Moon in practical, make-it-happen Capricorn gets you out of bed, perhaps with a little flash of inspiration or a jolt.  Dynamic connections to Moon from disruptive Uranus, ruthlessly investigative Pluto and sobering Saturn keeps this day moving forward, with or without potholes. What revelation/illumination will the fallout from yesterday’s lunar eclipse/Full Moon bring? Another scandal? Keep an eye on this news source for headlines you may not see in your local fish wrap

In light of Saturn’s recent move forward in Libra, which seeks fairness, justice and balance in relationships, I noted several stories in recent headlines about gay marriage, one of the issues I predicted would be front and center during Saturn’s two year transit in the sign of the Scales. The NY State Assembly approved a same-sex marriage bill. Now it has to clear the State Senate Meanwhile, a federal judge upheld Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision to strike down California’s gay marriage ban

Be patient in areas related to mind, communication, travel and gizmos today. Mercury leaves its home sign of Gemini for the touchy-feely sign of Cancer. Less rational, more intuitive. It’ll take a day or so to adjust. Plus there’s all those waves from yesterday’s lunar event. Eat some potatoes if you’re feeling wobbly.

If you’re wondering how these intense planetary patterns are impacting you personally, consider booking a session to discuss your unique horoscope. Otherwise, if you enjoy reading this daily forecast, please pass it on – and thank you to those of you who already do. Gratitude!

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