Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/30/2013: The Impossible Dream

Moon continues its sojourn in humanitarian, cerebral and quirky Aquarius, seeking to be seen as socially significant, even as it comfortably operates within the group. Most of that energy is delightfully supported by easy connections from that lovely pile-up of planets — mental Mercury, loving Venus, jolly Jupiter — in Gemini (if you have a planet or angle between 23 -28 degrees of any Fire or Air sign, you’re feeling this sense of ease more than most). As we get closer to 7:57PM ET, when the Moon’s need to be unique is challenged by assertive Mars in stubborn Taurus, then we have the potential for a feisty clash of wills or display of intractable resolve.

After a Moon void so brief you’ll hardly notice it, Moon enters the dreamy sign of Pisces, shifting the focus from the cerebral Air realm to watery depths of intuition and feeling. Music, faith, dreams and other beautiful escapes may be on your agenda.

And speaking of dreams, there is another planetary pattern going on — exact on June 11th — that we really need to talk about.  It addresses a question raised by my Pisces (intuitive, sensitive) friend Lisa, who asked me yesterday what was going on in the stars that felt so weird — and the dynamics of the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square did not fit the bill. What’s going on is another relatively rare pattern: a trine betwteen stern Saturn, which structures and limits reality and nebulous Neptune, which dissolves whatever it touches. Immediately you see the potential for bewilderment when structures are dissolving beneath your feet, yes? And yet you can also appreciate the potential for the sublime to materialize when dreams are backed by enough substance. Which will it be for you? Maybe a little of both, and you are feeling it more than most if you were born around the 23rd of just about any month — or have a planet or angle around 5 degrees of any sign.

This dance between Saturn and Neptune has been going off and on since the middle of October, and the exact hit on June 11th will be the 3rd in the cycle, and thus especially potent. FYI, the last time we experienced this pattern (prior to 2012) was after the Summer Solstice of 2001 — and didn’t the world seem dreamy back then, in comparison to the rude awakening we experienced on September 11th? Hmmmm.

What does the trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces hold for us as individuals and collectively? I have no idea. One headline that seems to reflect this unfamiliar pattern, combined with the disruption of Uranus and Pluto jumped out at me this morning. It’s a story about glaciers melting in Switzerland, affecting other structures that were once reliable. How are we supposed to navigate in a situation like this? Where is the map? That’s the point. There isn’t a map. We’ve never been here before — or so it feels. We will muddle through as best we can, and presumably intuition and creativity will be the best tools to help us on the way. Left-brained thinking may be overwhelmed by nebulous Neptunian fog. Right-brained approaches — as well as your dreams — may provide more clarity and guidance during this period.

To be continued….


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