Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/9/2015: Stan Freberg, One in a Billion….RIP

Take care of business in the early part of the day, assisted by an easy flow of mindset and initiative to the righteous, expansive drive of the Sagittarius Moon. At 1:42PM ET, give it a rest or focus on a routine project, if you’re at the office. Otherwise, chill out and indulge in a gambol or other wandering adventure. The Moon gets back into business mode Friday at 8:47AM ET — when it enters enterprising Capricorn.

I’ve been writing this forecast for almost six years (it’ll be six years on April 24th). I’ve observed a lot — as Yogi Berra would say — by watching. Even though I expect the headlines to manifest in sync with planetary patterns, I’m often astonished by just how in sync they can be.

Take, for example, the obituaries. So often it happens that the qualities and/or vocations of people who have passed (and made the NYT obits) reflect the symbolism of planetary patterns. Yesterday Mercury was in pioneering Aries, super-charged by perspicacious Pluto and quirky Uranus. When you have a horoscope with strong contact between Mercury (mindset), Venus (social expression) or Moon with Uranus, we expect that horoscope to have an off-beat sense of humor — and in Aries, an exceptionally quick wit. Yesterday the Sun and Uranus also met up in Aries, which is a strong statement of inspiring individualism. How fascinating, then,  that pioneering “madcap adman and satirist” Stan Freberg passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

Mr. Freberg has Sun and Mercury exactly conjunct at 14 degrees Leo, which is where expansive Jupiter was at the beginning of March. His Moon is in Leo, too — very independently placed in the 1st house. This suggests a strong need for drama and showmanship — a real king and entrepreneur.  Check out that showmanship in this commercial showing off the power of radio (and the imagination), as Lake Michigan is transformed into a ginormous mug of hot chocolate.

Interesting to also see the Mr. Freberg’s Moon in a provocative square to combative Mars. Why? Because Mr. Freberg called himself called himself a “guerrilla satirist,” — according to his NYT obituary — “using humor as a barbed weapon to take on issues ranging from the commercialization of Christmas to the hypocrisy of liberals.” Here’s another famous spot (“John & Marcia”), in which he spoofs the (melo)drama of soap operas.

So how does Uranus factor in Mr. Freberg’s  horoscope, known for its wacky wit? Good question! How about Uranus at 29 degrees Pisces — the prominent Aries Point — in the 9th house (broadcasting), exactly trine his 29 degree Cancer Ascendant, and in touch with his Leo Moon, too.  We’d expect his quirkiness to easily flow forth in his personal projection. It would need to do this!

As for that Cancer Ascendant, we could expect Mr. Freberg to wear his emotions on his sleeve, along with perhaps an intense need to comment on matters related to the home(land) and security, suggested by Venus and Pluto together in Cancer, too.  Here’s a track from the classic LP “Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America.”. And here’s his PBS special from 1982, “The Federal Budget Review,” complete with a donkey, an elephant and David Ogden Stiers.

For more on Stan Freberg’s work in voiceover, television, advertising and radio, here’s his really long and impressive Wikipedia entry. You could spend more than a few happy hours listening to his fun songs and sketches….indulge yourself in this afternoon’s Moon in Sagittarius (broad comedy, righteous opinions) void.

RIP, Mr. Freberg, wherever you are…may your wit be loved forever….

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