Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/21/2013: Mind the Void!

All dressed up with no place to go? We’ve got three planets in feisty, rush-to-action Aries (Sun, Mars & Uranus), suggesting the need to initiate is strong. And yet the Moon is still void-of-course in Cancer, suggesting that whatever is initiated will likely be of no consequence. And that if a crisis erupts, it will likely be much ado about nothing.

Quick clarification on voids, thanks to an email from an avid reader. Yesterday I wrote that they can function like a mini-Mercury retrograde. I meant to write that they can  feel like a mini-Mercury retrograde, and I say this because I can’t tell you how many times my colleagues at the office will ask me if Mercury is retrograde during a Moon void. Perhaps because the office I’m usually in is a TV news network, a fast-paced, moving straight-ahead environment with tight deadlines & no option of not shipping just because an astro-logical phenomenon suggests you take a break. And when you are pushing to move forward with something new(s), the lack of cooperating lunar energy is noticeable.

To clarify the difference between how retrograde planets and Moon voids function: retrograde planets function by appearing to move backwards. Moon voids do not move backwards; though sometime they feel as if they are going in circles. Or absolutely nowhere. Or wandering wherever. On some detour.  Like, my writing all this about voids instead of talking about the news, which is what I said I was going to do in yesterday’s forecast. Not that it matters, because this forecast is shipping late, and many of you may not read it. So all my efforts to clarify are likely for naught. Moon is void-of-course. I rest my case.

On a day with Moon in homeland security-conscious Cancer, this declassified list of global threats facing the U.S. just crossed my desk, in case you had no homeland security issues to worry about. It was published on March 12, when warrior Mars and the Moon were in Aries at the Aries Point (discussed yesterday). This is certainly appropriate timing for a report that cites likely causes of strife.  It is interesting to see it being circulated on the web today, with Sun and Venus now at the Aries Point, too.

Have you been following the banking brouhaha in Cyprus? Lawmakers rejected the notion of imposing a tax on bank deposits as a means or securing a bailout from international lenders.  Banks are closed; customers are lining up at ATMs and now the there are threats of pushing Cyprus out of the euro zone. This uncertainty is now reflected in the markets. What’s going on, astro-logically?

The horoscope for Cyprus suggests imminent stress and hard work required against a terrible threat of loss, focused on issues involving other peoples’ money. Glance at the horoscope for one second you’ll see stern/fearful Saturn at 12 Capricorn in the 8th house (other peoples’ money), about to be hit by transiting Uranus (shake-ups) at 12 Aries and Pluto (transformation, empowerment or destruction) eventually getting to 12 Capricorn in 2014. Aspects between Saturn and Uranus often present opportunities for a different approach; Saturn-Pluto connections are just plain hard. Period.

Meanwhile, in the horoscope for the euro we see the Sun under stress from Uranus and Pluto The need for change is intense, and has been intense since both of these heavy planets have been putting pressure on the angles of this horoscope for a few years. So we can expect this period of stress to continue into 2014, which is how long it will take for these heavy planets to complete this transit cycle. Writing about this horoscope is proving to be a most excellent teachable moment on the perils of a Moon void and how it can feel like mini-Mercury retrogrades, as in the version sent out to my email subscribers at 1PM ET, I referenced a horoscope for the euro that was calculated in 0199, not 1999. D’oh!

Last but not least, a heads-up that aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus make an explosive connection Friday at 2:17PM ET. On the plus side, breakthroughs involving technology and space exploration can be expected, like this bit about the (explosive!) Big Bang Theory   and this bit about Voyager I entering new territory


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