Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/1/2012: The 411 on Moon-in-Gemini

A challenge to your New Moon agenda may have been building all through the day yesterday,  reflected by the First Quarter Moon, exact at 8:21PM ET. What was that pressing need for information all about (Moon in Gemini)? Did it cause tension with others who were more moved by silence, intuition and/or the energy to effortlessly go with the flow (Sun in Pisces)?

Case in point: yesterday Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke presented his take on the state of the economy to Congress — and he seemed to feel that things were improving faster than expected. With stock markets hitting highs not seen in years, you’d think that would inspire a buying spree; in fact, just the opposite happened. Markets around the world fell to session lows, as analysts scrambled to figure out why. Their eventual conclusion: “it wasn’t what (Bernanke) said; it was what he didn’t say” that caused traders to take action and sell. Would you believe that Ben Bernanke is an extremely optimistic Sagittarius with Moon in dreamy, go with the flow, intangible Pisces?

A charged buzz remains in the air today as Moon continues in Gemini, needing to inform and be informed. Pick up the phone; write the proposal; take that meeting. Information is key to Moon in Gemini’s sense of emotional security. If you have Moon in Gemini, you know what I mean. Ask  Moon in Gemini how it feels. “Let me think about it”.  If you’re involved with someone with Moon in Gemini, now you understand what they need.

Tomorrow, words and actions are likely to be sharper and more impulsive, with patience at a premium. That’s because mental Mercury moves into Aries Friday at 6:41AM ET and we all move closer to Saturday’s opposition between action-oriented Mars and the Sun.  Today, with Mercury at the very end of Pisces, we have a softer, more intuitive approach to thoughts and communication — if that’s what you need.

Speaking of Mercury — it turns retrograde on March 12 at 3:49AM ET. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER NOW. And no whining! The week of the 12th also features a Grand Trine — a triangular pattern — among Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto that in traditional astrology is regarded as a sign of great luck and abundance in a horoscope. Certainly the days leading up to this pattern can be wonderfully productive. You’ll feel the potential ease of it more personally if you were born 7 to 12 days into the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn or Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, as will anyone with a planet or point at 8-10 degrees of any sign.

To be continued…

***P.S. The information the traders allegedly needed to hear was Mr. Bernanke indicating  that the Federal Reserve was ready to pump more money into the system in what is called quantitative easing. Don’t know what that means? There’s a straight explanation contained in this recent CNBC post — or if you prefer a more irreverent, skeptical take, the talking bears at Xtranormal have this to share:

Why does a blog about astrology include links like these? Because we are in a planetary cycle of upheaval and change in government and financial institutions, and it may be helpful to understand what all the fuss and debate will be about over the next few years. And because I have Moon in Gemini, and I need to keep you informed…

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    Yes, seems I have to use great restraint to keep from posting too many(or at least fewer)links and articles to FB. My FB friends should be happy for that little known fact:)


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