Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/3/2013: A Day for Clearing Out Cobwebs

Most of the U.S. will be waking up just before an indulgent challenge between Moon in exacting, prissy Virgo and Venus in rumpled, rowdy Sagittarius (exact at 7:15AM ET), at which point Moon goes void until 8:11PM ET. Efforts to get it right and/or please your partner(s) may be criticized over form, not content…and with the Moon void-of-course, howls of dismay may spin out of control. If only that exacting Moon could take a chill pill, it might benefit from the innovative ideas and communication that will no doubt burst upon the scene, courtesy of a challenge between mental Mercury and rebel, cobweb-blasting Uranus.

That Mercury-Uranus challenge was certainly in effect yesterday, as stunned lawmakers were shocked, shocked I tell you — that the 112th Congress went home for good, yet failed to vote on a bill that would have provided billions of dollars to help the folks in New York and New Jersey who are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy. OK, what do you expect from a Congress recently pronounced the most unproductive in U.S. history, as Gail Collins cheerfully explains. Still, New York Congressman Peter King, himself a Republican, was so irked that he told Fox News that any New Yorker who gave money to a Republican Congressperson was “out of their minds”. Holy floodlights, Batman! Could Rep. King have been suggesting that because a billionaire or a corporation in New York gives a ton of money to a Congressman, the New York donors should expect something in return from that Congressman, even if he might have allegedly been elected to office by some people in…Ohio? Why…I’m shocked, shocked! Mercury-Uranus strikes again!

: )

In other news, Al-Jazeera is buying Current TV, the network co-founded by Al Gore. Incredible! And a new study suggests that “Fat per se is not as bad as we thought,” That’s right – your saddlebag thighs are fabulous and they are not a threat to your health! Amazing! And did you know that a 22-year-old woman of Russian-Jewish descent “almost single-handedly wrote women’s rights into the Constitution of modern Japan“?! Her name was Beate Gordon, and she passed away in Manhattan this week. She led a fascinating life…and her contribution to Japan’s Constitution gave more rights to Japanese women than women have in America. Stunning!

And finally, speaking of fascinating and fat, would you believe that author/filmmaker Michael Moore has a new calling: fitness guru! For the past nine months, he’s worked tirelessly to get people off the couch and on their feet, with utterly inspiring results. Who knew?

What flashes of brilliance and insight will you encounter today in your own personal world? Really, the sky’s the limit, especially under the auspices of a harmonious connection between physical Mars and expansive Jupiter. Optimism and vigorous exercise of mind and body…with a little something for the soul, too. Your soul will thank you if you can take time to chill and/or brainstorm a bit during this long Moon void. At the very least, go for a walk.

Moon enters people-pleasing Libra at 8:11PM ET tonight — good for social interaction, preferably with those who have something innovative, intelligent and pleasant to say.

To be continued…


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