Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/12/2013: July 17th, All Over Again?

Moon is still in proactive, pioneering Aries this morning, but the charge-ahead drive may simply exhale with a sigh at 10:37AM ET. That’s when the Moon will go void-of-course until 3:40PM ET. Avid readers know that Moon voids are good for taking care of routine tasks and chilling out, and that efforts to push forward in a straight line are more likely than usual to suffer delays or flake-outs. Go with the flow until the Moon gets into gear in Taurus — then move ahead with your plans to build and maintain material security. It’s possible that those plans may involve Phase Two of whatever dreams you had around July 17th…

…and why is that, you may ask? Well, that’s when Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, made the first of three harmonious alignments with Saturn, planet of structure discipline and ambition. It makes the second alignment today at 7PM ET, and the third will happen on May 24th. Good for business; good for solid, conservative, reality-based planning — especially in areas concerning home, family and emotional security. You’ll feel it more personally if you have a planet or angle around 18 degrees of just about every sign.

During a week with Jupiter aligned with Saturn, what could be more fitting than a list of the 25 Happiest Companies in America? A lot of things, argues this NYT op-ed entitled, “Who Goes to Work to Have Fun?”. What do you think?

Meanwhile, here’s the third installment of the NYT’s in-depth report about Dasani, the indomitable 12-year-old girl whose family is homeless — and somehow surviving — in New York. Awareness of income inequality is one potential reflection of current planetary patterns, doncha’ know…and that’s why I’m bringing this poignant story to your kind attention. As another public service, I’m here to tell you that the New York Times is running a special offer: a 12-week digital subscription for just five dollars. Really, for telling Dasani’s story, they deserve five bucks…so they’ll have enough capital to do more stories as compelling as hers…

A personal astro-logical consultation would make a lovely gift — for yourself or a special someone on your holiday shopping list. I have  festive gift certificates to email or snail mail — here’s the 411.


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  1. Seble
    Seble says:


    What a beautiful name you have! I view names of people, places & things resonate
    & vibrate it out.

    I’m writing to say thank you very much for sharing the powerfully written story
    of Dasani.i am deeply touched not only by Dasani’s story, but also by the brilliant investigative
    reporter. I’ll be following both & of course YOU too!

    Thank you for your amazing system of astrology work!



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