Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/10/2015: An Orangutan Walks Into a Bar…

It’s the last day of a lunar cycle. The New Moon begins tomorrow at 5:29AM ET. The time before a New Moon suggests listlessness or restlessness, as we sense something new is about to begin, but we don’t know what. This “dead Moon” isn’t likely to quell anyone’s opinions about anything, as it got into gear in Sagittarius as of 5:25PM ET on Wednesday, ending a long Moon void.

A Sag Moon is a fiery energy that needs to push boundaries. It’s a great time to get out into nature and/or expand your mind with an appreciation of something or someone outside your usual comfort zone. It could be quite daring, explosive and/or a revelation, as the buzz of a building face-off between action hero Mars and rebel Uranus releases tonight at 8:30PM ET.

Reflecting the Mars-Uranus face-off, today we read that  North Korea claims it has a hydrogen bomb, on the same day that an uncle of the current Dear Leader talks about why he made a break for freedom 20 years ago. Guns are still on the front page of the NYT; today it is talking about fear of restrictions as the reason why sales are soaring.   Guns are also the subject of Gail Collins’s always cheerful commentary. Meanwhile, a “revolutionary” new device that plugs up gunshot wounds has just been approved by the FDA.

I expected we’d see a breakthrough or upset in aviation. Here’s a piece about an airport in the US — and Mexico — that is breaking boundaries…as United announces that snacks will again be offered on its domestic flights. In other tech news, Nevada is said to be the chosen site of a ginormous new Chinese-backed plant that will make electric cars. Google and NASA were talking yesterday about their quantum computer that is 100 million times faster than a PC. Is that good? Time will tell. And this just in…a subway train in Boston apparently left a station this morning without a conductor. That’s upsetting. Investigators are investigating…

There are a zillion headlines of other upsets in places other than the U.S. that I wish I had time to link. Brazil’s president is facing impeachment. There have been upsets in recent elections in Venezuela and Argentina. The whole world is reflecting the push for change that we see in planetary patterns. Or perhaps the planetary patterns are reflecting the push for change. It’s not as if the planets are choosing to take action…that’s what people do (my teacher loves to say).

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I leave you with a wacky video that’s gone viral, on a day with Moon in Sagittarius, which fiercely adores animals and clownish humor, spiked by the nuttiness of Mars-Uranus. Please enjoy this orangutan’s reaction to a bit of “magic”.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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