Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/8/2012: Adventures in Retrograde

Typing this with the Moon now fully engaged in earthy Virgo, a sign well-suited for detail-oriented work designed to correct or perfect. If you are focused, much can be accomplished in projects requiring research, discernment and concentration. The evening looks promising for indulgence, as Moon is squared by expansive Jupiter at 1:23AM ET on Thursday, followed by a generous, feel-good trine between loving Venus and Jupiter at 2:26AM ET. The Venus-Jupiter connection has been in effect all week, doing its best to soften ragged edges and calm troubled waters.

And speaking of correcting and perfecting, let me give you more details on the little Mercury retrograde story I shared with you yesterday. This was the item about George W. Bush’s most excellent adventure at the polls on Tuesday, but as it turns out, it was absolutely, positively not true. Although the hypothetical scenario of confusion and communication snafus described in the anecdote are absolutely typical of things that can happen when Mercury is retrograde, which was my original reason for putting in the forecast.

HOWEVER… after I had uploaded the forecast to be distributed by the good folks at Mailchimp, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. “I better double check this story,” I thought — which is an excellent mantra for surviving Mercury retrogrades unscathed. And — just like the story of the Omaha man vowing to run naked through the streets no matter who won the election, the W. story was apparently a fabrication. And I thought, “this will REALLY be a good teaching tool for explaining the potential reflections of Mercury Rx” (“Rx” is the abbreviation for “retrograde”)!!

I rushed to add a postscript to the forecast — but — d’oh! Too late — the forecast had already shipped!  So I wrote a separate email, scheduled it to ship one hour later, and guess what? The postscript posted to my website, as I discovered yesterday afternoon, but it did not go out via email. Double d’oh!!!

Moral of the story: during Mercury Rx, our brains do not always function with their usual alacrity. This applies to all humans, including astrologers. A big challenge of Mercury Rx is to slow down and stay FOCUSED. What would the New York Times say in a situation like this? How about:

We sincerely regret the error, and hope you will learn from our Mercury Rx misteak.”

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