Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/17/2013: Gut Instincts

An over-the-top or otherwise self-indulgent power play or catharsis may grace the headlines this morning, courtesy of the feisty Aries Moon clashing with ruthless Pluto (power) and Venus (indulgence) in Capricorn (the Established Order). Otherwise, I can’t find much to complain about. This is a great day for practical, no-nonsense communication and structuring artistic/creative projects. The me-me-me Aries Moon can learn to play nice for the good of the team, courtesy of a cooperative connection from Mars in humanitarian Aquarius. Make the most of the proactive thrust of the next couple of days.

Meanwhile in the news, it’s guns, guns, guns —  everywhere you look in the US papers — with President Obama vowing to “put everything I’ve got into gun control”. A noble cause, Mr. President — go for it — but gosh I hope you save some of your mojo for a few other pressing issues we need to address in these wild and crazy planetary times, y’know?

As anticipated, yesterday’s ruthless Venus-Pluto hook-up was reflected in some down and dirty moves, including this especially down and dirty one pulled by the NRA. And just who IS the NRA, anyway? Not George H.W. Bush, whose letter of resignation made headlines some years ago. Leave it to Mother Jones to dig up the dirt in an exclusive published yesterday.

Speaking of down and dirty, here’s a piece on an effective treatment for intestinal infections some may find shocking. But didn’t I tell you yesterday we’d see a shock or two to accompany the ruthlessness of the Venus-Pluto conjunction?*** And you gotta admit, this treatment is so Capricorn — earthy and proactive — with a hint of Saturn in Scorpio (decay, regeneration).  Which is a perfect opportunity to mention the exciting world of probiotics, simply as a public service. Worth exploring if you’re having issues with digestion, as so many people are. Here’s Dr. Mark Hyman to tell you all about it. You can read his article while waiting for Lance Armstrong to spill his guts on Oprah tonight….

***After this forecast was sent out via email, a story crossed the wires about the first death row inmate to be executed in the U.S. this year. Robert Gleason, Jr. was electrocuted — about half an hour after the Venus-Pluto and Uranus-Moon conjunctions on Monday evening — at 9:08PM ET in Jarratt, VA. Ruthless and shocking, indeed.

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