Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/22/2012 & the Weekend: Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day features a soulful void-of-course Moon in Pisces that drifts and  basks in the afterglow of a sweet connection between loving Venus and nebulous Neptune, exact at 4AM ET. More ethereal and/or escapist energy is suggested by a challenge between Neptune (again) and the Sun, exact at 2:13AM. Just decorate this web page with cuddly baby pandas already — or watch them frolic in this clip from The Daily Show (the one from yesterday’s post that apparently was not functioning– thanks to the reader who pointed that out). Add some big giant helium balloons of cartoon characters floating down Broadway in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s the perfectly lovely potential of this day of rose-colored visions, gratitude and grace — certainly between the Moon void that will last from 1:32AM ET until 8:12PM ET.

Cobbler and Gobbler must know something about grace in their tiny little avian brains. They are the turkeys pardoned yesterday by President Obama in a surreal ceremony that has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Grace was evident in another headline: news of a ceasefire brokered after fighting between Israel and Hamas broke out eight days ago, on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Maybe, just maybe, with Neptune so prominent in current planetary patterns, the parties involved just didn’t feel like making the effort to fight. Neptune, with its need to dissolve whatever it touches, has the potential to diffuse assertive energy.  I confess I gave more weight to the potential for aggression and volatility suggested by Friday’s clash between warrior Mars and rebel Uranus and Tuesday’s powerful Mars-Pluto hook-up.  I wasn’t thinking of this latest battle fizzling out in a Neptune fog — but it does seem astro-logical. Let’s hope it lasts.

OK. Back to Thanksgiving — and the rest of the holiday weekend. At 8:12PM ET Moon enters me-me-me Aries, probably looking for a fight, a crusade, a workout or a lot of inspiration and attention. You should notice the shift in energy, especially with that volatile Mars-Uranus square we’ve been talking about all week (see Monday’s forecast for juicy details), which is exact on Friday at 5:06AM. People who are not psychically clear will likely be very much into their own fingers and toes — and quite pushy about getting their needs met. I will be very surprised if we don’t hear stories of startling acts of aggression and power plays on Friday. Battle the madding crowds at your own risk; you have been advised of the potential. On the plus side, these volatile, warrior aspects should make for some super-exciting football games.

By Friday evening, the dust will have likely settled, as Moon goes void with a sigh at 8:34PM ET…not to enter Taurus until 7:18AM ET on Sunday. And Sunday is when I’d think about holiday gift shopping — definitely not on Saturday, with its all-day void-of-course Moon. If you’re traveling back home on Saturday, be especially patient. If you’re feeling restless, do something physical that is not destructive.

Sunday’s Moon in Taurus slows the pace down noticeably. It encourages activities that make us feel comfortable and secure; feel free to indulge in the sensual and the material world (like shopping)!  You know what I think everyone on your gift list would absolutely love? Let me remind you every day until my Special Holiday Offer ends on January 1st…or at least until it is sold out : )

Have a wonderful, blissful Thanksgiving! Count your blessings, because the minute you think of yourself as blessed, you become a “have” instead of a “have-not”. This attitude of gratitude is empowering.  I am so blessed I have you to thank for reading this forecast. Pass it on!

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