Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/14/2013: More RAMbunctious Aries; Venus Square Uranus

More proactive pioneering energy can be yours today, courtesy of the Moon continuing its sojourn through RAMbunctious Aries. Optimism and potential excess are suggested as the day progresses, as the “believe in miracles” Aries spirit is offered an extra dose by jolly Jupiter, exact at 3:57PM ET. Get it off your desk by that time, as the Moon then goes void with a sigh…not to enter the next sign, Taurus, until 9:49AM ET on Friday.

For those new to the forecast, Moon voids are natural rest periods, when the Moon’s usually driving energy isn’t going anywhere in particular. I encourage you to observe what happens during voids. See if you notice a lack of focus or unusual twists in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Read more about Moon voids here.

At 8:13PM ET, Venus in Capricorn is challenged by rebel Uranus in Aries, suggesting the potential for sudden and/or unconventional attractions, a need for freedom in social expression, and/or breakthroughs in issues involving women, money and art. Watch the headlines. Yesterday, a tech company called Snapchat that offers a revolutionary, no-strings-attached channel for social expression rejected a zillion-dollar offer. An Andy Warhol painting brought in millions at an auction — and set a record high for paintings by that artist. Check out this bit about a breakthrough device designed to liberate babies who get stuck during childbirth. Look at this sudden upset in the world of aviation, as the Justice Dept. seems likely to approve a ginormous merger between American Airlines and US Air. And oh — look — Janet Yellen — a high-powered, pioneering woman in the world of finance —  will be grilled by Congress today. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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That’s all folks — gotta ship this forecast and charge through the day. Enjoy.



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