Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 7/13-14/2013: Mars in Cancer, Edward Snowden and More…

The Moon has been in perfectionist, analytical Virgo since Thursday evening ET. Combined with Mercury’s retrograde, it offers a superb opportunity for sorting through that closet or box of papers you’ve been carting around since 1987. You could also use this time to review a project you abandoned; perhaps a second look will inspire you to bring it to completion.

Let yourself rest, chill and/or wander as of 11:26AM ET Saturday, when the Moon goes void on a communicative connection with the Cancer Sun. Voids offer natural breaks in our efforts to move forward in a straight line. Picture a car engine idling in neutral. When the Moon enters the next sign — in this case it will be Libra, at 3:41AM ET on Sunday — that’s when the clutch engages and the car can move forward without voidy twists and detours. I have said this before; I’ll say it again: be especially mindful while in transit, given that 1) Mercury is also retrograde and 2) Mars is in an especially willful and potentially over-the-top condition, as in “exuberant action”.

When the Moon does enter Libra, its quest for peace, balance and social graces may be disrupted by that willful Mars at 4:42AM ET. Arguments and other outbursts that upset our equilibrium are likely. Seven hours later, a likely dose of excess (down side) or good cheer (up side), is suggested by Moon’s challenge from expansive Jupiter. Another potential for upsets, breakthroughs and power plays is suggested on Sunday evening/early Monday when the Libra Moon is jarred by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto. Random fun fact: the great English novelist Jane Austen has Moon in Libra, and if you’ve read any of her books you’ll get immediately how the Libra Moon’s need to be concerned with relationship, manners, being socially accepted, etc. manifested in her work.

The big astro-news for the weekend happens at 9:22AM ET Saturday, when Mars enters Cancer. Weepy, watery emotional security-needing Cancer and fiery, physical, trail-blazing Mars make a challenging combination. We can expect more headlines about actions taken for the sake of family/homeland security over the next few weeks. Whereas Mars in Gemini is more likely to take action based on an idea; Mars in Cancer takes action based on feelings — and it is not always direct. In two weeks, when Mars will square Uranus and oppose Pluto, we can expect some explosive actions driven by said feelings. If you have a planet or angle between 8 and 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be more affected by the volatility than most.

And now the news…

First, had I posted a forecast on Friday, I would have written that we could expect to hear from Edward Snowden. Why? Because transiting Mars was at 29 Gemini, conjunct his Sun at the prominent Aries Point. Mars had just hit his natal Mars (will, action)  and North Node (meetings, the public) and opposed his Neptune (the dream). And there he was Friday morning, right on schedule, having a press conference and making a formal request for asylum. He also made a statement explaining his decision to tell the entire free world how much it is under surveillance by its government and corporate institutions — and this is what he said.

Second, reflecting the Moon in Virgo’s need for exacting detail, critical analysis and uncompromising perfection, you gotta love California Congressman Mark Takano. He has Moon in Virgo with Sun in opinionated Sagittarius. He also has a razor-sharp square betwen mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto. Mercury-Pluto aspects do not mince words. Takano taught high school for many years, so when a few of his Congressional colleagues asked him to sign a letter to Speaker John Boehner about an upcoming immigration bill, he marked up the letter as if it were submitted by one of his students , questioning its flawed logic and compositional structure. Then he posted it on his supercool Tumblr blog with a big, red “F”. Did I mention Takano also has Mars in Cancer (actions based on feelings; perhaps indirect)  in a militant and disciplined opposition to Saturn? You better mind your Ps and Qs around  Rep. Takano.

Third, a classic Mercury retrograde cautionary tale about the need to double check everything before you hit “send”, as well as not believe everything you hear in the news. It’s an epic fail by KTVU in San Francisco, reporting this story about the pilots on board Asiana Airlines 214. Do not watch this video whilst drinking coffee — you have been warned.

Fourth, you may recall a few weeks ago, when the stock market had its worst day of 2013, some were freaking out, wondering if markets would fall further. I noted that from an astro-logical perspective, it seemed highly unlikely that this would happen in the US in the immediate future, given that the US horoscope was about to experience a Jupiter transit that usually is accompanied by luck and expansion, often of a material kind. That, and a couple of other relevant planetary patterns. Let the record show that the US markets hit record highs on Thursday and Friday. Let the record also show that Jupiter was last in Cancer from July 2001 to early September 2002 — and boy, did the US have the support of just about everyone back then. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Finally, as you may be subjected to frustrating headlines about various power plays over the weekend, here are a few stories of people who faced horrific bullying efforts and came back swinging. In Norway, 27 of the survivors of a politically-motivated shooting rampage that killed 69 people are...running for office.  These political candidates are young! Sixteen year-old Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassin’s effort to silence her campaign for the education of girls in Afghanistan, spoke at the United Nations yesterday, and it was awesome. In Washington, the DC Council passed a “living wage” bill despite an ultimatum from WalMart threatening dire consequences….not to mention billionaire Charles Koch declaring that eliminating the minimum wage will “help the poor”  (one day we’ll look at his horoscope). Ironically, the story about Charles Koch came out the same day as this item about a Saudi princess living in California arrested for holding her Kenyan maidservant (paid $220/month) hostage in her home.  Comedian Chris Rock has a few choice words about minimum wage…and work is such a Moon in Virgo concern, doncha’ know…


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