Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 5/18-19/2013: From Rosy to Real

Credit the weekend’s Moon in perfection-seeking, detail-exacting Virgo with inspiring my sudden urge to completely reorganize my sock drawer yesterday, instead of posting a forecast. And you? Any sudden urges to purge or get it right? Underscoring — or perhaps blurring — the need for perfection are two other patterns that were exact yesterday.

First the rose-colored Mercury-Neptune square, that suggests a need for idealized thinking and/or a need to connect to beauteous and intangible forms. Second, a happy alignment between loving Venus and weird, wacky Uranus that suggests what we find beautiful may not be the norm, or may be appreciated in a “I love you, but don’t take it personally” vein.  Incisive observations on the aftermath of one potential encounter in Williamsburg, a  hipster NY ‘hood, were posted this morning on the blog of essayist and film critic Lisa Rosman — coincidence or conspiracy? I can’t wait for Ms. Rosman to write a full-length novel…

Despite the driving need for perfection, the worst thing that could be said about this day is the potential for expressions of love to be  misdirected (see blog post above) and/or challenged, courtesy of a square between Moon and Venus at 4AM ET. The good news is that this minor aspect is now well behind us, and the next connection Moon will make is a square from jolly Jupiter at 9:55PM ET, suggesting overindulgence — maybe of a self-medicating kind at a shopping mall, where the lack of a Moon void today places no prohibition on purchases…




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