Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/5/2013: Party Zone

East Coasters can ease into the start of the work week, courtesy of the Cancer Moon being void-of-course as of 2:49AM ET until 12:58PM ET. Sleeping late? No problem! Most transgressions can be gotten away with — huzzah! And huzzah it may be again once the Moon enters regal Leo at 12:58PM ET, looking for any opportunity to party on  and/or shine. Not until 11:54PM ET might the brakes be put on, thanks to stern Saturn challenging someone’s authority.  Spend this day and much of the next wrapping up projects from this lunar cycle. It starts all over again tomorrow at 5:51PM ET — sort of. We’ll have a New Moon at that time, but it goes void until 11:57PM ET Wednesday, suggesting that day will be a bit of a bust. Wait until Thursday to reeeeally launch your brand new bright ideas.

The big planetary pattern this week is expansive Jupiter exactly opposing Pluto (power, resources, transformation) on Wednesday at 7:34PM ET. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign that is only too happy to offer its opinion on any subject — whether you want to hear it or not. Jupiter rules collective belief systems, including law, philosophy and religion. It rules group communication systems, too, such as academia, publishing and broadcasting.  Pluto refers to power, breakdown, transformation, energy/resources. Look for those themes in the news, as collective belief and outreach systems are challenged and perhaps transformed. Right now for example, there’s a battle going on between Time Warner Cable and CBS,  and the latter is no longer available on the former.  Fortunately for viewers, there’s Aereo and Netflix — and both are cheaper than TWC. Huzzah!

Meanwhile, a challenge to a collective belief system prevailed in the Czech Republic — with the delightful fringe element of Sunday’s uncompromisingly free and eccentric connection between rebel Uranus and the dramatic Leo Sun. Ever hear of a Pastafarian? You must see the official government ID photo of this fiercely independent Czech citizen, who is also a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It may sound kooky, but there are intriguing potential consequences suggested by his victory, as the accompanying article explains.

Jupiter-Pluto transits often trigger events involving power sources, e.g., the oil, gas and nuclear power industries. Also watch for news from underground, especially as we get closer to August 21st, when Jupiter will square disruptive Uranus.


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