Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/22/2011: Neptune and Such

Moon in mental, multi-tasking, information-driven Gemini picks up the pace today. A few other planetary patterns of note: first, Venus, relating to social expression, entered the discerning, potentially hypercritical sign of Virgo yesterday, cooling the tone of social interaction. Exit the royal pronouncements; enter Emily Post and the Church Lady  — at least for the next few weeks. Today also marks the last day of the Sun in Leo (speaking of royal pronouncements), and right now that Leo Sun is opposed by nebulous Neptune in Aquarius. On the plus side, the potential for visions come to life, healing & rarefied art. On the down side, the potential from things not being as they seem, a state of bewilderment or disappointment to follow once the pink fairy dust finally settles.

You are especially affected by the Neptune aspect if you were born on this day (give or take few days); those born in the last couple of days of Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, as well as the first couple of days of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius are affected, too. Experiencing a wipeout (the down side) or a triumphant success in the arts or spirit (two possible upsides)?

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