Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/15/2011: Let the Sun Shine!

As I mentioned on Friday, Moon will be void of course in Pisces when you wake up on Monday morning, not to enter Aries until 8:01PM ET TUESDAY night. Unexpected twists, creative brainstorming, crises that turn out to be non-issues, a higher than usual flake factor, underdog triumphing in surprise upsets — all these and other challenges to people trying to move in a straight line. Go with the flow. Double check everything, especially with Mercury also retrograde. If you’re on vacation, how wonderful for you — what perfect timing!

The next two days also feature an exceptional level of sunny optimism suggested by a triple line-up between Sun (life force), Mercury (mind, communication) and Venus (love, money, art, beauty). Love, joy and the communication of such feelings may flow easily, especially since the conjunction happens in royal, playful Leo. This could bode well for the financial markets — at least for a few days.

This triple line-up also suggests a certain amount of idealism running rampant. Idealism, as in denial of reality. As in, “the Earth is flat”. Huh? We may hear some outrageous beliefs expressed this week. But to those expressing those beliefs, they are the God’s honest truth. Michele Bachmann — with Sun hooked up with Mercury in Aries (which lives to believe in the impossible) has this idealistic potential. So does Sarah Palin, with her Mercury hooked up with Venus. So does Glenn Beck.

Idealism, when working positively in a horoscope, can also give the gift of vision. As in the ability to imagine a better world and make it happen (assuming the “happening” part of the horoscope is also active; otherwise it’s can function as a defense mechanism or an escape). When working negatively, idealism can really get in the way in personal relationships, keeping people stuck in dysfunctional situations (e.g., addictive personalities and other abusive types), because they just can’t face the cold hard facts about their partners — or themselves.

Oh — and by the way — to Michele Bachmann — if you’re reading this: you promised you’d release your birth certificate ‘before the first presidential debate”  Cough it up, already. The suspense is killing us…

Oh — and another thing — did we not write a week or so ago that we should keep an eye on Texas Governor Rick Perry? It’s official: he’s in the race. We’ll take a closer look at his horoscope soon…

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