Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/7/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Note your dreams this morning, as the Moon in oh-so-deep Scorpio makes a harmonious connection to transcendental Neptune at 5:14 AM ET. A few hours earlier, Venus (social expression) and eccentric Uranus formed a friendly alignment that may have brought you in contact with someone/something unconventional and/or humanitarian during your holiday weekend. A friend’s post on Facebook notes she spent one day seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway and the next day waiting for an embrace from Amma, the hugging saint. Yeah, that works.

After noting said dreams, get up and get organized today. Deep connections are suggested by at 2PM ET alignment between the Moon and potent Pluto, and there’s a lovely balance suggested by a harmonious connection between the Sun and Moon at 8:27PM ET. Yeah, there’s a heavy focus that follows at 10:12PM ET, when Moon hooks up with Saturn — but on the plus side, this may fuel an ambition for the rest of the week. On the down side, it may be experienced as some controlling authority raining on your parade.

Highlights for the rest of the week (which we’re feeling today) include a disruptive challenge to the emotional security-focused Cancer Sun tomorrow afternoon, followed by an easy flow of structured ambition as the Sun aligns with Saturn. If you’re trying to reinvent the wheel or otherwise put an avant garde spin on something old guard, tomorrow would be a day to do it. The next cosmic event of significance would be the Full Moon in Capricorn on Saturday morning.

No long-lasting Moon voids during business hours this week or even during after hours — at least not in the Eastern Time Zone. Mark these natural rest periods in your calendar: Tuesday 6:33PM – 9:25PM ET; Thursday 8:19PM ET – 11:25PM ET; Saturday 9:56PM – 11:07PM ET.

And now, the news.

A stellar jobs report and yet another new record high for the US stock markets — not a bad way to celebrate the birthday of the United States on Friday. What’s going on in its horoscope?   Whether you use the Sibley chart (Sagittarius rising) or the Gemini rising, you’ll still note an exact opposition by Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy) to the US’s Pluto, suggesting a potential expansion of resources. Factor in another suggestion of empowerment: the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square engaged with the US 13 Cancer Sun. If you prefer the Gemini rising chart, you’ll note the potential for a dramatic change of direction in 2022, suggested by a couple of compelling solar arcs. Time will tell.

Pluto refers to plutocracy; Uranus to the common (wo)man and also revolution. How interesting to see this piece penned by plutocrat (and philanthropist) Nick Hannaeur urging his fellow zillionaires to share their riches with the 99%. Pluto also refers to healing and regeneration. Factor in Neptune (forgiveness) in empathetic Pisces, and you might stumble across a poignant piece about restorative justice, in which convicted felons and those they harmed engage in meaningful dialogue that appears to be empowering for all parties concerned.

An empowering shift in consciousness and greater empathy were themes in these two articles. One involves the work of an animal behaviorist who treats zoo animals with mental health issues that are not unlike those suffered by humans. The other is a recent study that led to this headline: “Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten”.

When the Uranus-Pluto square is triggered by contact with other planets we can expect certain headlines to pull focus. It’s no surprise to see Fukushima making news today, nor is this story involving a near-collision between two airplanes or this one about a 7.1 quake in Mexico. These larger quakes happen more often than you might think, but they are not always reported. Planetary patterns involving Uranus suggest headlines involving sudden breaks. Nice to see this story about 60 women and girls in Nigeria who apparently have escaped from Boko Haram — though the 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped in April are still being held.

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