Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 7/15-16/2013: It’s Later Than You Think…

The work week began with Moon in Libra, suggesting a need for fairness, balance and all manners of equilibrium and social graces in relationship. I don’t know about you, but this morning’s challenge — at 6:38AM ET — between the rational Moon and mental Mercury in emotional Cancer seemed to have everyone yakking about something. I can’t tell you how many animated conversations I overheard — whether I wanted to hear them or not. Mercifully, the buzz settled down after lunch…and as I am typing this now, I look forward to a lovely and indulgent aspect between Venus (beauty, art, women) and the refined Moon to set the scene for a free concert in Central Park.

Round about midnight we can expect a challenge to whatever agenda was set at last Monday’s  New Moon, as the Sun is squared by the Moon. You may recall the Sabian Symbol offered us the image of a seedling or a germinating idea. Do we like what we have planted? And here I would be thinking of the story that is currently dominating the news — at least in the US — which is the verdict that came down on Saturday, finding would-be law enforcement officer George Zimmerman not guilty of murder — or even manslaughter — despite Zimmerman clearly and deliberately firing the gun which put a bullet into the heart of Trayvon Martin.

With regard to the verdict — note that it was reached on a void-of-course Moon in perfection-seeking, hair-splitting Virgo.  Unexpected twists and upsets favoring the underdog are more likely during voids. So are actions taken that don’t go much of anywhere. Note that Mercury is still retrograde, suggesting the potential for flawed thinking based on incomplete or inaccurate information that will have to be corrected once Mercury turns direct. It was interesting to see this article alleging that the jury was given very specific instructions — and limited information — about the “Stand Your Ground” law under which Zimmerman was able to be acquitted. Keep in mind, however, the general rule for Mercury retrograde and the news: take what you hear with a grain of salt; double check everything, as suggested by this item alleging certain reporters and police officials in Los Angeles falsely reported that rowdy protestors damaged a hotel.

With the Moon’s ingress into Libra on Sunday, there was indeed much outrage over the verdict’s unfairness. Comparisons were made to another Florida case in 2012 where an African-American woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Her crime? Firing warning shots into the air in an effort to defend herself against an abusive husband. Yet the “Stand Your Ground” law apparently did not apply to her. Says Libra Moon: IT’S NOT FAIR!.

Meanwhile, another stark illustration of inequality and unfairness in relationship began making the rounds on Facebook. It’s a jaw-dropping, absolutely must-see four minute “candid camera” video showing how a certain class of people reacted to three apparent bicycle thieves. Seriously. Watch it — and pass it on — it’ll give you something to talk about. I wish everyone in the country would take the time to watch — and then spend three hours discussing it.

Note that the Moon goes void of course at 11:18PM ET on Monday night….not to enter Scorpio until Tuesday at 10:24AM ET. You know what that means. An evening to chill. A slow start to your day or twist in your efforts to move forward in a straight line on Tuesday morning. On the plus side, you can usually sleep in and get away with it. Your other Moon void for the week happens between 7:13AM ET and 1:54PM ET on Thursday. No launches, important meetings or contract signings during that period if you please.

Once the Moon enters Scorpio on Tuesday at 10:24AM, rationalizations may be  abandoned in order to fulfill a need for greater depth, substance and passion. An easy connection to Moon from Mars at 2:14PM ET fuels action, perhaps of a passive-aggressive or subversive kind. The hours leading up to 7PM ET offer a mixed message: jolly Jupiter offers an enthusiastic boost to the Moon’s need for depth, followed by a serious reality check from stern Saturn, which may be shrugged off entirely by a dose of dreamy fog from nebulous Neptune. For now, the need is for containment and control, suggested partly by the super-cool, Ray-ban sporting Scorpio Moon. The other part is suggested by the emotionally self-sufficient Grand Water Trine among Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that will be exact tomorrow. Good for business, good for faith; good for business based on faith.



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