Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/8/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The first part of the week is driven by supportive aspects between Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun. You may recall in Friday’s forecast I said we’d likely see “interesting tech breakthroughs in the news…and other boundaries pushed”.  Is that why the NYT’s Sunday magazine just happened to be the annual Tech & Design Issue? It’s filled with stories of innovation in motion — giving you a flavor of the week’s potential. That, and a headline story about two convicted murderers breaking out of a New York prison using power tools and a “ruse”.

The work week begins with Moon in Picses, seeking connection with intangibles and ideals. A charge from taskmaster Saturn may start the day off on a serious note, with a need to talk about it around lunchtime ET, thanks to Mercury.

Overall, you may feel your spirits lifted, courtesy of that aforementioned easy connection between the Sun and optimistic Jupiter, exact at 5:56PM ET. It’s followed by another easy connection between Mars (action) and Uranus (innovation) at 3:29AM ET on Tuesday.  Feel free to reinvent the wheel, considering that revisions may be required once Mercury turns direct on Thursday. You may be feeling especially inspired (or confused) when the Pisces Moon meets up with Neptune at 8:58PM ET.

Your Moon voids for the week happen Tuesday 2:06PM ET until Wednesday at 7:14AM ET; Thursday at 7:3PM ET until Friday 10:16AM ET. Stick to routine concerns during those times and avoid finalizing matters of importance. Go with the flow of whatever twists crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Also of interest this week: Neptune turns retrograde on Friday at 5:09AM ET. With Mercury and Neptune changing direction within 12 hours of each other, you are especially advised to triple check the details and make sure what is said is actually what is understood. And vice versa.

Here’s a  classic Mercury retrograde snafu: schlepping all the way to Brooklyn on a Saturday night — only to find out that the tickets in hand were actually for next Saturday. Fortunately, my theater companion just laughed. And we had a fine time discovering a cozy Ethiopian restaurant in an unfamiliar ‘hood. This is how knowing what’s going on in the cosmos can be helpful. It keeps things like snafus in perspective.

You do not want to know about the outrageous delays in the subway during the almost all-day void of course Moon on Sunday. I thought I would never get home. Much gratitude to the folk-singing, guitar-strumming man keeping us entertained on the platform for what felt like years. Sometimes a Moon void twist can be a silver lining….


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