Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/1/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The Moon in Scorpio’s quest for depth and substance exhales with a sigh at 7:01AM ET, going void until 2:39PM ET. That explains the twist you may experience in your morning commute, or the high flake factor at the office. Voids often bring a certain lack of focus. Chill; take care of routine and do not make mountains out of molehills.

The Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius presents an opportunity to expand your horizons in a serious way…OR…smack that expansive reach in the face with a wet blanket. Why? Because the Moon meets up with Saturn at 4:21PM ET. Saturn refers to control, ambition and structure.

Meanwhile, emotions are building as the Moon waxes to its fullness Tuesday at 12:19PM ET. More on that tomorrow.

Here are the other Moon voids for this week: Wednesday 1:59AM ET until 8:50PM ET; Friday 6:54AM ET until 1:02AM ET on Saturday. Thursday is looking good for getting down to business.

Keep in mind that Mercury is still in retrograde until June 11th.  Taking some time to REtreat, REcharge and REconnect is advised. I followed my own advice and spent Sunday at a meditation workshop. The Scorpio Moon suggested a deep and intense experience, especially with a potentially sublime aspect between the Sun and visionary Neptune…

Thank you for reading this forecast.




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