Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/10/2013: Briefly….

Dear Readers, I’ve been traveling and will post a lengthier forecast later. Briefly, take advantage of the creative and proactive New Moon energy we have today. Launch a project; take the initiative; make the call. The Moon will be void of course in Cancer starting at 5:15PM ET….not to enter Leo until 12:58AM ET on WEDNESDAY. You know what that means: get it off your desk today or deal with it on Wednesday. Roll with whatever twists come your way in your efforts to move forward in a straight line, and do your best to chill, baby chill. Take care of routine projects at home — whatever will make you feel emotionally secure (the Cancer Moon supports this). Feed your soul…and your tummy.

Other Moon voids this week — so you can plan around them: Friday, 7/14AM Et – 12:26 PM ET. Not bad — you can get a lot done this week — film at 11.

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