Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/23/2011

There are worse aspects to wake up — or go to bed — with than receptive Venus and assertive Mars hooking up in Taurus, a sign that seeks to establish material comforts: good food, wine, music and other sensual delights. The aspect is exact at 1:27 AM PDT/4:27 AM EDT. A marriage, a melding, a staking out of territory — or the seeds for a creative project fertilized. Your creative venture might even have the potential to serve more than just you and a partner, suggested by the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius. Image of the day: make a beeline for all those flowers. Not bad for a Monday.

As for news over the weekend, let’s review. First, as forecast, the Rapture did not happen and many who believed it would are confused — some even wiped out Second, as forecast, we did see some notable seismic activity/news from underground, in the form of another eruption of Iceland’s most active volcano. Yes, they’ve closed the airport, but the situation does not appear to be one of dire consequences, although more flights in Europe may be disrupted  Third — now this was intriguing. Remember LinkedIn’s “soaring” IPO just before that fantastically dreamy Neptune-Sun challenge, which made me wonder “real or unreal”?  This headline says it all: “Did Bankers Scam LinkedIn Out Of 130 Million Dollars?”

And finally, a bit that is truly out of this world: a horse named Astrology places third in the Preakness. Yes, I wanted to place a bet — but I couldn’t figure out how to do it online. Keep an eye on this rising star, and OMG — that’s exactly what the headline on this article I googled says. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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