Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/2/2011: Osama bin Laden Dead

From the Weekend Forecast for Sunday: “But wait — what about that jubilant, “believe in the impossible” (and act on it) connection between horny Mars and expansive Jupiter, happening right after midnight?” Well, what about it, indeed. As anyone who isn’t living under a rock now knows, on Sunday evening President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was dead, having been killed by US forces in an (obviously) covert operation. And America was jubilant (and likely still is, on Monday morning). What an end to a New Moon cycle so full of promise for daring, self-reliant, status quo-disrupting words and actions to dominate the headlines (re-read the forecast for the New Moon posted on 4/3/2011 for answers to the question, “what just happened?”). I can’t help but note that the announcement came on a void-of-course Moon; suggesting a certain element of “no consequence.” Hmmm.

Of course I immediately began thinking about how the events of the weekend reflect patterns in Obama’s horoscope. President Obama, a Leo with Moon in news junkie Gemini, is driven by a need to inform. And wasn’t he informative (not mention clever, entertaining and intense), while holding court at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — especially at Donald Trump’s expense? You’d never know he’d recently authorized a deadly, high-risk covert operation that was about to rock the world.

You may recall a post a few weeks ago about the impact of nebulous Neptune’s current influence on Obama’s career/public status. Neptune energy can manifest as confusion (as in, “why is our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President bombing Libya??) or as guile, deception, illusion, vision, glamor, sacrifice or salvation. With Neptune, writes astrologer Noel Tyl, “things are not as they seem.” In sharp contrast to nebulous Neptune is a potentially brutal, driven, forceful, hard working connection between ruthless Pluto and controlling Saturn, exact in Obama’s horoscope on July 26 — but also influential right now — and certainly an apt description of the qualities of this covert operation. Also of note is a contact between aggressive Mars and Obama’s point of career/public status (technical term: the Midheaven), exact a couple of days ago. We would anticipate that he would be especially assertive at this time.

Use this day to wrap up the adventures of the last New Moon cycle; clear your desk and get ready for the next cycle, which begins at 2:51AM Tuesday in the sign of Taurus, where it is right now, seeking to establish material security and other creature comforts. To be continued…

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