Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/8/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

As noted in the last post, the work week begins with a fizzle, courtesy of the Moon being void-of-course in Pisces. Sleep in, call in sick, tell them the dog ate your homework. Really, you’re not missing anything at the office, other than routine tasks and deadlines that are more likely to be fraught with stupid and frustrating delays than usual. During the void on Friday afternoon, a friend posted on Facebook that she couldn’t understand why repeated efforts to dial a number was not making a connection…until she realized she had been punching the number on her calculator. I kid you not.

Chill, meditate, do yoga — let your mind wander & enjoy whatever twists you encounter. You’ll notice a definite shift in energy at 3:02PM ET, when the Moon engages in impulsive Aries. But as we are in the dark side of the Moon, this is not the time to launch a brand new venture. Wrap up projects from the agenda you set nearly four weeks ago, and get ready to begin anew on the New Moon that happens on Wednesday at 5:35AM ET.

Other Moon voids this week are Wednesday 12:25PM ET – 11:22PM ET and Saturday 8:30AM ET – 10:30AM  ET. Plan your important meetings, deadlines and purchases during times when the Moon is not void.

Planetary patterns are light this week. Other than Wednesday’s feisty New Moon in Aries, the only significant planetary shifts are ruthless Pluto turning retrograde on Friday (more news from underground), Mercury’s move out of intuitive Pisces — finally! — into impulsive Aries on Saturday. Stay tuned to this channel for further details…

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