Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/30/2012: Void and More Voids

Get it off your desk first thing in the AM if you can — at least on the East Coast. Moon continues its promenade through regal Leo, buoyed by contact with expansive Jupiter overnight, before settling down to some constructive communication at 10:17AM ET, at which point it goes void…not to enter discriminating Virgo until 7:02PM ET. Great for brainstorming; not so great for launching new ventures and signing contracts. If you’re new to these forecasts and want more info on Moon voids, check out the post dated February 10, 2012 — it’s in the archives on the website.

Tuesday and Thursday are looking most productive this week Wednesday we have a void from 6:58AM ET to 10:04PM; on Friday Moon is void of course from 2:02PM to 10:20PM ET. Plan accordingly.

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