Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/15/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

While many of you were sleeping, Venus, which refers to social expression, aesthetics and finance, left fiery Aries. Where is it now? In earthy Taurus, one of the signs Venus rules.  And there was much rejoicing in the land! For the next few weeks, note how a need for tangible value, comfort and security manifests in relationships. Expect a slower pace and an indulgence in simple sensual pleasures. Take time to smell the roses.

What’s the down side? Well, Taurus can be stubborn. It also hates change, even when change is necessary in order to move forward…

Meanwhile, the work week begins with the last of Moon in Gemini, suggesting you’ll have plenty of communicating to do — and with efficiency and balance, too. Get it done the morning, as the Moon goes void of course at 3:41PM ET…not to enter Cancer until 10:49PM ET. During the void, you are advised to chill, focus on routine tasks or get into a creative/meditative flow. Roll with the twists that will likely arise and wait to ship until Tuesday, which is a spectacular day for doing just about anything. In fact, the whole week looks pretty darn good, with few challenging aspects among the planets, other than the usual lunar ones — and those move fast.

There are very few Moon voids to distract us this week. Other than today, we’ve got a brief void on Thursday 8:31AM ET – 11:13am ET and an early start to the weekend on Friday at 5:06PM ET. I expect we’ll see quite a bit of action as the Sun and Mars hook up exactly in Aries on Wednesday at 8:20PM ET. Watch for acts of courage to make news (here’s a story with “courage” in the headline), as well as more stories of guns and gun control (an Aries/Mars thing).

Last week, as you know, Pluto turned retrograde, and not only that, but it is getting closer and closer to the third of seven squares with Uranus (that happens on  May 20th). So here are a few intriguing stories reflecting the “news from underground” we expect to see whenever Pluto is active in the cosmos. From the BBC, “Story of Jewish Families Who Lived Underground for 511 Days”; in Missouri, “Intricate Underground Homeless City Uncovered”; new leaks are discovered underground at the Fukushima nuclear plant; a secret audio tape of Senator Mitch McConnell & his staff trashing potential opponent Ashley Judd is leaked to the press; the underground hacktivist group known as Anonymous solves a rape case in two hours, despite Canadian law enforcement personnel having closed the case “for lack of evidence” almost two years ago.

Get to work — and remember — Tuesday’s planetary patterns are especially productive. Onward!


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