Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/8/2011: When Mars Runs Wild

Welcome to the first full business day of the New Moon cycle!

Moon is in the pioneering, courageous me-first sign of Aries, suggesting a need to take action — and action we will likely see, because Mars, the planet which rules Aries AND action, is running wild. By “running wild” I mean that this planet is not making any key contacts among the other planets, and planets, left unattended, tend to respond by attracting a lot of attention. (The technical astrological term for a planet not making major aspects with other planets is “peregrine” — that’s your astro-logical Word of the Day).

Also running wild/peregrine today are Sun and Saturn. Hmmm. Willful action attempting to control/structure running wild? Yeah — that’s what we’re likely to see in the headlines…with a potential wet blanket greeting us before noon — watch the morning news programs. How does this apply to your own personal world? Note any restrictions that may manifest this morning (“may” is the operative word); adjust your strategy and proceed ahead. Note whatever flashes of brilliance illuminate your thought processes; these are likely to become even more intense as the week progresses — watch the headlines for communication/technological breakthroughs. Now that’s inspiring!

Note to readers in LA; my cell phone is now working again and I do have a few appointments left if you would like to book a consultation before I return to NY on the 14th.

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