Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/25/2013: Sneak Peek at the Fiery, Feisty Week

There’s an interesting dichotomy in planetary patterns this week. On the one hand, four planets — Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus — are blazing ahead in feisty, impulsive, inspiring and impatient Aries. Over the next several days, they will be making contact with the rest of their planetary pals in ways which are likely to be experienced as startling/shocking, power-packed, expansive, unconventional and sometime ruthless. The continuing saga of the banking crisis in Cyprus — the latest of a never-ending string of banking crises — is but one example of shocks we may see to the system.

I’ve noticed more sirens than usual here in New York over the past few days. Also many people shouting into their cell phones as they stomp down the street. The taxi on fire last Friday in front of the Hilton was certainly impressive. Be super nice to those born this week, as well as those born during the last week of June, September and November. They are feeling the power surge more than most.

But while the rest of the planets are symbolically bouncing off each other like pinballs, the Moon will be void-0f-course & wandering aimlessly through the cosmos for most of the week, suggesting  much of the action we see may be “all for naught” or much ado about nothing. Here’s the VOC schedule:

Monday 8:45 AM ET – 5:32 PM ET on TUESDAY; Wednesday 2:14PM ET until 8:54PM ET THURSDAY; Friday 4:25PM ET until 11:13PM ET SATURDAY; we’ve got all-day voids on April 1st & 3rd, too.

Monday morning starts off with a burst of organizational energy that is driven to perfection, courtesy of the Moon in meticulous Virgo. Transformation, resources and power plays are themes that will carry through the rest of the day, as Moon goes void at 8:45AM ET on a supportive contact from potent Pluto. The void suggests we find ways to chill, and my big plan is to put together a bookcase that is being delivered, so I can organize my ever-expanding collection of astrology books.

Meanwhile, aggressive Mars in Aries likely has another agenda. The Warrior Planet will touch base with expansive Jupiter at 6:27AM ET on Tuesday, which suggests a healthy does of physical energy for you to expend. A still greater release may arrive around or before 11:44PM ET on Tuesday, as Mars makes a provocative challenge to ruthless Pluto.  Really, this is not the time to pick a fight. Mars-Pluto challenges can be brutal. If you must perform a feat requiring extreme effort — like run a marathon — they can be quite helpful. They are also helpful for a forceful expression of will — but not necessarily pleasant for those on the receiving end. Watch the headlines for stories of saber-rattling and other demonstrations of force. News from underground is also to be expected.

Back to you in the studio…

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