Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/25/2013: Full Moon in Virgo

Over-the-top or overly critical is one possible reflection of today’s Full Moon in detail-oriented, perfectionist Virgo at 3:26PM ET. And I’m sure some of that criticism will be lobbed at those responsible for last night’s Oscars.  Certainly we can expect emotions to be running high and information to be flying around, given expansive Jupiter squaring the Sun in Pisces and the Virgo Moon.  If you were born today or around the 27th of May, August or November…or if you have planets or angles around 7 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius, you are feeling the wind in your sails more than most.

Other patterns of note today include Venus leaving “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius and moving into Pisces at 9PMish ET. Yup, we’ll have five out of ten planets  in the sign of the Fish by the end of today — cue Morris Albert singing “Feelings” now  — and grab a life jacket. Then again, Venus — which refers to women, social expression & aesthetics, to name a few — is quite comfortable in the Piscean realm of intuition and compassion, so perhaps we should all be singing “Kumbaya“). If we can cut through the confusion suggested by Mercury retrograde, perhaps we can soften whatever other cuts are scheduled to hit, thanks to this so-called sequester that allegedly kicks in on March 1st. Here’s the latest on that story, which will certainly be the buzz all week.

Meanwhile, a hook-up between mental Mercury — now retrograde and backing into aggressive Mars — suggests impassioned communication or thinking. With Mercury retrograde, please try to remember to double check things before taking action or blurting stuff out. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling the lack of focus, as exemplified by a fellow guest at an Oscar party who took my coat home instead of her own. Focus, people. Focus! And back up those gizmos if you haven’t already done so. My iPad is on the fritz, too — but I am sure it will sort itself out.

Your Moon voids for the week: Tuesday at 1:13PM ET – 8:02AM ET Wednesday; Thursday 3:37AM ET – 12:33PM ET on FRIDAY. This would have been a lovely week to plan a vacation…

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year.

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