Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/14/2011

And a Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you — such as it is. The sign of Aquarius, in which the Sun now sits (in Western astrology), is frankly more about friendship and broad humanitarian concerns than the hearts and flowers of romantic love; if I had my druthers I’d move this holiday to May or August, when the Sun is in Taurus or Leo. Still, when it comes to romance, the planetary patterns for the today could be worse.

Moon in Cancer as of 12:49AM EST suggests emotional security, nurturing and the comforts of home may be what suits our fancy, and expansive displays may manifest as you wake up this morning.  Indulgences — of moods, feelings and senses — possibly recalling tensions and/or releases experienced last Tuesday and Wednesday can also color the day. Passion…with a string attached, perhaps?

Working in contrast to the potential for today’s emotional indulgence is a sober, streamlined, practical and efficient connection between Mercury (mind, communication) and Saturn  (structure, control), which can be handy if you’re hammering out a deal memo or other outline for a project. It’s not the most romantic connection for Mercury, certainly when it comes to writing love poems and mushy ballads. On the other hand, whatever words are uttered will likely carry gravitas. Odds are strong that If they say they love you, they mean it — and that should make you feel emotionally secure : )

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