Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/28/2013: Full Moon Fallout & Other Revelations

Some may still be processing a bit of bombast or overindulgence left over from Saturday night’s Big Fat Full Moon in Royal Leo. For them, the weekend drama continues with the Moon still in Leo, looking for recognition.

East Coasters, if you have to ship today, do it before 12PM ET, when the Moon goes void of course on a combative connection to aggressive Mars. A Moon-Mars opposition leading into a period of lunar freefall suggests the potential for a stubborn conflict that may run wild over the next six and a half hours.  Fortunately you know the rules concerning crises that crop up during Moon voids: 1) Chill out; 2) Be  patient; 3) Chances are this “crisis” is much ado about nothing. When Moon enters Virgo at 6:27PM ET, cooler heads and logic will likely prevail. Another potential is that you will allow yourself the luxury of playful wandering, which leads to a twist or new discovery in a creative endeavor.

We’ve got two patterns of note this week. Both happen on Wednesday and they both are being felt right now. First, a serious challenge between Sun (life force) and stern Saturn suggests a reach for ambition or, alternatively, a wet blanket raining on someone’s parade. For those who felt frustrated and/or militant around January 7th, you may experience another hit over the next few days.  You are especially affected by this pattern if you were born around the 30th of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet or an angle around 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

The second pattern of note is Jupiter, which refers to expansion and luck, finally turning direct at 6 degrees of Gemini.  If you know what area of your horoscope is ruled by Jupiter (hint: it’s the house with Sagittarius on the cusp), it may feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern or review period in the areas related to that house.  A horoscope with Jupiter ruling the second house of finances and self worth, for example, may have gone through a major review of those issues during the past few months.  With Jupiter turning direct, forward motion can now be expected. Consult your local astrologer for further details.

And now, the news. In Brazil, a pyrotechnical flare caused a fire in a nightclub in which hundreds were killed. The fire started at 2AM Sunday, a few hours after the “party hearty/too much of a good thing” Full Moon in Leo. The chart for 2AM in Santa Maria, Brazil shows aggressive Mars running wild in Aquarius (technology), exactly on an angle of the chart! This is amazing, given that there are 360 degrees in a horoscope, and the angles only make up 4 of them. Events happen when planets are on an angle! But this is astrology, folks, so we know we are going to see patterns suggesting a burst of energy for the moment a fire breaks out. A strongly placed Mars would be one possible pattern. And there it is, right in the horoscope for the fire in that nightclub. Coincidence or conspiracy?

In other news of breakthroughs in technology we would expect to see with all the Jupiter-Uranus activity we discussed last week, a startling report about Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel,who suffered a devastating stroke six years ago. A recent brain scan (using new technology) shows considerable brain activity where it had been believed there was none (read the article and you’ll get chills when Sharon’s son talks about a dream he had of his father before the stroke).  Looking at the alleged birth data for Ariel Sharon, it is interesting to note that his horoscope is directly affected by last week’s Jupiter-Uranus connection — a personal breakthrough or lucky break would be expected at this time.

Meanwhile, Iran announced it has sent a monkey into space. Cue Patti Smith on YouTube now, please.

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