Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/3/2012: Sneak Peek at December; A Binder Full of Woman & DSK

Hey! We made it to December! Just in time for the end of the Mayan calendar! Is it really the end of the world? Ohh, probably the end of A world, but not THE world. We’ll still be here in January…

Planetary patterns for the first three weeks of this month are mellower than we’ve seen in a while. We’ve got a bit of weird spaciness that should hit early next week, and that will probably recall some of the weirdness we experienced during November’s Mercury retrograde. We may have a bit of a jolt around the New Moon on the 13th, when rebel Uranus turns direct in pioneering Aries. I do think this year will go out with a bang, given that we are in for a repeat of the intensity we experienced around October 29th, which was a Full Moon (Sun opposing the Moon) in a tense challenge with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. Look for revelations and rebellions, startling breakthroughs in technology, potent power plays and news from underground, and maybe some weird, wacky weather. And as it has been the case all fall, those born around the 30th of March, June, September and December will be feeling it more than other Sun Signs.

OK, so we’ve covered December. But what about today? Mostly upbeat, courtesy of the Moon’s promenade into regal Leo Sunday night at 8:57PM ET. The day starts on a techno-geeky buzz, as innovative Uranus makes a supportive connection to the Moon’s need for recognition (think: party-ers, kings and drama queens). If an authority figure should deign to demand a re-write or some other control or re-organization, deal with the brief rain on your parade cheerfully, knowing that the rest of the day has plenty of potential to flow beautifully.

And now, the obligatory reminder about my Special Holiday Offer: A One-Hour Consultation at a delectably reasonable price — the perfect fit for everyone on your list, including yourself. I mean, next week is Hannukah, for chrissakes!

Meanwhile, in the news…with the weekend’s Moon in Cancer, I noted a striking number of stories about Cancerian themes of homeland security issues, including food and shelter. This one about what’s happening to certain farms in Pennsylvania ought to be required reading for everyone; whereas this one ought to be required for anyone who’s ever thought about renting their home to travelers using AirBnB (lots of big city dwellers in that category), as well as this follow-up piece (much food for thought).

In Washington, a binder full of woman was apparently dropped on John Boehner’s desk, and on Friday he announced the appointment of Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) to head the House Administration Committee. Here is the exciting job description, per Speaker Boehner. Out of 20 chairs appointed (so far, as far as I know), Rep. Miller is the only woman — and I would love to be thrilled for her, except the job she lobbied for was chair of the Homeland Security Committee. And given her horoscope, I can understand why.

Before I even looked at her photograph — or her horoscope — I suspected she would have Moon in Cancer, suggesting a reigning need to be concerned with homeland security issues — and in fact, she does! Born May 7, 1954 near Detroit, MI (time unknown), her Sun is in Taurus — more energy to focus on (material) security. Her chart is hot; she was clearly due for a big boost this year, with her Mars in practical Capricorn currently supercharged by empowering Pluto. Odds are she has been lobbying very hard over the past year. She has Venus in oh-so-charming Gemini, running wild in her horoscope (i.e., it is not connected to any other planet). Transiting Jupiter, however, is temporarily providing this charming Venus energy with an anchor, as it is exactly conjunct her Venus. Talk about luck and expansion — and if that weren’t enough, she’ll have transiting Jupiter conjunct Jupiter next spring — yet another suggested lucky break.

But wait — there’s more. At age 58, Rep. Miller is just beginning a critically important life cycle: the second Saturn return (she had Saturn conjunct Saturn last week). Her task now is to plan the next 28 years of her life. Having done whatever she was going to do to establish herself in the material world starting around age 28-30, this is her time to take stock of her accomplishments and failures, build on what works and let go of what doesn’t. Whatever she decides to do next year, she’ll have rebel Uranus challenging her natal Mars in Capricorn, suggesting some initiatives in her new gig others may find bold and/or surprising.

Last, but not least…Dominique Straus-Kahn was in the news again. We have been following his horoscope ever since May of 2011, when he was arrested after the apparent sexual assault of a New York hotel maid. Specifically, we have been watching him make headlines every time Pluto and Uranus make contact with his Midheaven (one of the important angles in a horoscope, referring to public status/career). Over the weekend, it was reported that DSK and the hotel maid are close to settling her civil suit against him. DSK’s Midheaven is 8 degrees of Aries. Where was Pluto (and Mars) last week? At 8 degrees of Capricorn, squaring his Midheaven. Look for more exciting developments to come when rebel Uranus is at 8 Aries next year.

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