Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/24- 27ish/2012: Merry Christmas!

No exact aspects among the planets and a comfort-seeking Taurus Moon can make this day feel like a long, lazy stroll in a (snowy)  meadow. Really, what’s the rush? Go about your last-minute holiday errands with ease, and look forward to an evening of sensual delights: good food, music, wine — whether you are celebrating Christmas or not. If your idea of a perfect holiday is  Chinese and a movie, here’s a song just for you.

The pace picks up noticeably when, after a brief Moon void between 12:58AM ET and 2:13AM ET on Wednesday, Moon buzzes into chatty Gemini and squares off with nebulous Neptune at 4:04AM ET. Those who are expecting a magical Christmas morning are not likely to be disappointed. Note your dreams upon waking. This bliss can wax rhapsodic well into evening, courtesy of a buoyant connection to the Moon from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, at 7:18PM ET. This connection may also manifest as Too Much of Everything, and Kalle Lasn, publisher of magazine Adbusters (which sparked Occupy Wall Street), has some thoughts on that. And speaking of magic, here’s an update on the Rolling Jubilee, a non-profit with a creative way of helping some who are overextended get out of debt.

Notable planetary patterns on the 25th include aggressive Mars finally leaving Capricorn at 7:49PM ET. Where is it going? I’ll tell you. Mars, which refers to action, will be in Aquarius from 12/25 until February 1, 2013.  Noel Tyl calls Mars in Aquarius the “rebel with a cause”. So we can expect action in the headlines involving rebellious and/or humanitarian concerns, some of which will have a technogeeky (Aquarius) or “on the fringe” flavor. Think aviation, circuitry, freedom, astrology, outer space, uranium, what’s allegedly “best for everyone”.  Those sorts of things.

The other pattern of note, which was mentioned in last week’s forecast, is rebel Uranus in impulsive Aries squaring the Capricorn Sun at 8:32PM ET. In your own personal world, you may note that your Christmas family gathering may involve one or more statements of conflicting independence, even over something as minor as what movie you’re all going to see. Les Miserables, anyone?

Your Moon voids for the week suggest opportunity for a nice long holiday break;
Thursday, 12/27 1:50AM ET until 3:06PM ET;Friday 12/28 9:43AM ET…until 2:45 AM ET SUNDAY 12/30.

I’ll be back with a forecast Wednesday or Thursday to talk about Friday’s Full Moon.


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I could not have said it better myself. Gratitude! May your holiday break be filled with similarly meaningful expressions of appreciation for all the wonderful ways you are and the wonderful things you do.


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