Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/2/2012: Still Fired Up?

Still running on the spark of the New Year celebrations, when everything feels fresh and new? Good on you! You can keep that pioneering feeling going with gusto…with the added focus of ambition suggested by Moon in Aries being challenged by stern Saturn at 2:01PM ET.

Note that when someone else is focusing their ambition, it can be experienced by others as a control, restriction or other “wet blanket”. You could shrug that off with an optimistic sigh, however,  at 3:07PM ET, when Moon goes Void until 5:16PM ET. Take a break and enjoy the jolly mood and possible sensual delights suggested by expansive Jupiter’s hook up with Moon in material security-loving Taurus.  Had enough good food and wine for the holiday weekend? Perhaps not…

In the headlines, as anticipated…news from outer space (a cool NASA mission to the Moon)  and reckless headlines out of Los Angeles: with rebel Uranus running wild AND demanding attention in fiery Aries, combined with a sharp challenge between aggressive Mars and Mercury (transportation), the City of Angels found itself plagued by devils randomly torching cars parked underneath apartment buildings More fiery recklessness made headlines in the Philippines  Meanwhile, a federal prison in Lousiana is locked down after fighting broke out on New Year’s Eve….
The Mars-Mercury clash will soften as the week progresses…and Moon in Taurus (which is generally NOT a fan of disrupting the status quo) should provide a calming influence…but that rebel Uranus likely be making waves for a while, so please do be careful out there…

In other news, I will be launching a revamped website next Saturday. You will be able to sign up on the site and have these forecasts delivered directly to your email — no more searching for the forecasts — or so my web guru tells me. I don’t think he’s making stuff up…

More anon…

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