Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/1/2014: Sneak Peek At The Week

Good Morning!

Plenty of feisty fire energy to start off the work week, as the Moon in RAMbunctious Aries makes easy connections to Mercury and Sun in high-flying Sagittarius at 5:15AM and 12:30PM ET. Make your pioneering initiatives sooner rather than later today, aided by another easy connection between action hero Mars and disciplined Saturn at 2PM ET.  As the day progresses, you may feel a power surge that releases in an upset or breakthrough, as the Moon in headstrong Aries makes its weekly clash with ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus at 5:12PM and 6:12PM ET, respectively.

Overall patterns this week favor action, innovation and someplace somewhere, somebody enjoying more than a bit of abundance. The action is the aforementioned Mars-Saturn connection; the innovation is courtesy of easy connections to the Sun (lifeforce) and Mercury (mindset, communication) from technogeek Uranus on Thursday and Friday; the abundance is thanks to another easy connection between sweet Venus in Sagittarius and cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter on Thursday.

There are few Moon voids to delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line, at least not during business hours in the Americas. These natural rest periods will happen on: Tuesday 9:42PM ET until 12:15AM ET on Wednesday, and Friday 1:45AM ET until 5:25AM ET. So…onward!

One notable shift this week is Mars, planet of action, leaving Capricorn on Thursday night. Mars functions with great drive and efficiency in Capricorn, where it happily serves the Establishment and the building of empires. In Aquarius, where it will be until January 12th, it needs to take action on broad-minded humanitarian concerns that may also buck the system. It can also be quite stubborn in its fringe pursuits.

And now, the news.

Monday’s proactive patterns could be effectively applied to the start of a two-week-long summit in South America during which U.N. negotiators will try to do something productive about climate change. How interesting that we’ll have that sixth Uranus-Pluto square in two weeks. Perhaps one of the groundbreaking events will be related to the outcome of this summit.

Not much else to report since I consciously avoided serious headlines over the holiday weekend. But I did note this release of a holiday ad campaign for Sainsbury’s — the British supermarket chain — coinciding with last week’s rose-colored, peace-seeking Sun-Neptune square.  The ad depicts a temporary truce that happened among British and German soldiers fighting in World War I. It was Christmas, and miraculously, they stopped fighting — for one day. And they reportedly shared chocolate and photos and played their version of football, or so the commercial would have us believe. Then it was business as usual, and they went back to trying to kill each other. Amazing.  This other video tells the story of how the commercial was made.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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