Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/14/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

After last week’s frustrating (for many) clash between aggressive Mars and Saturn, a.k.a. your friendly neighborhood brick wall, it’s a pleasure to report a week of planetary patterns that are much lighter in comparison. We’ve got practical New Moon energy to launch new projects. We have only one lengthy void-of-course Moon to throw a twist into our efforts to move forward in a straight line. That’s on Wednesday between 4:32AM and 11:07AM ET — barely an issue during business hours in the US.  Welcome to the first week of 2013 that actually feels like a New Year!

Wednesday is when we’ll experience the most potentially challenging pattern of the week: an intense hook-up between Venus (money, women, social expression, aesthetics) and ruthless, transformational Pluto. On the plus side, you may have an especially juicy intimate encounter, notable for its emotional depth and empowerment. On the down side, you may experience “emotional overkill” in a sudden, disruptive confrontation that is way more destructive than necessary. That potential is especially high around 8:30PM ET  Wednesday, but we may feel the tension building over the next few days.

Today (Monday) the Moon is in soulful Pisces, augmented by a dreamy connection to nebulous Neptune (exact at 8:20AM). How wonderful for artists, healers and other types who are fueled by inspiration. As the day progresses, optimism rises, courtesy of a buoyant challenge to Moon from Jupiter, softened by a cooperative connection from loving Venus…and that carries us into the evening.

And now, a few headlines from last week that perfectly reflected the status quo-disrupting square between Venus and rebel Uranus. First, from my Facebook feed: a fashion designer in China has a most unconventional model for her line of hipster women’s clothing — her 72-year-old grandfather. Second, a clip of transgender Matrix director Lana (nee Larry) Wachowski talking about her childhood at awards gala. While both of these stories were posted last fall, the fact that they showed up on my Facebook feed within minutes of my writing about the prominence  of this particular Venus-Uranus square in early Capricorn is no coincidence.

Meanwhile, in the fashion (Venus) section of the New York Times,  there was an article about a new generation seeking a radical “upending of gender roles beyond the binary of male/female“. A link to a clip of the utterly charming and thoughtful Stephen Ira talking about his transformation (he was born Kathlyn Bening Beatty) reflects the suggestion of prominence in unconventional social expression (with a pedigree!) we would see with Venus-Uranus square. As the first-born child of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, a birth time was announced in the papers, so we have a horoscope to study, and it takes about five seconds to spot the astro-logical suggestions that gender identity concerns could be an issue in this horoscope. First, Sun (ego identity) in the 12th house conjunct unconventional Uranus and nebulous Neptune. Second, an unaspected Saturn in the 1st house (personal projection/identity) ruling the 1st house suggests father/control issues running wild. Third, rebel Uranus in hard aspect to the lunar node suggests that the influence of the feminine/maternal might interfere with statements of identity (!!). The Moon is in Aquarius, in the 1st house, ruling the 7th and 6th, suggesting a need to be unique, socially significant and entrepreneurial, especially in areas related to the body, the body politic and the public.  Themes of public empowerment and transformation are suggested, courtesy of Pluto in the 10th, also running wild. There is a strong need for prominent communication and opinionation suggested by energetic Mars and mental Mercury together in “tell-the-world” Sagittarius, so the world will no doubt be hearing more from this brilliant, empowered humanitarian.

Last but not least, who watched the Golden Globes or any of the many football matches on Sunday? Did you notice any surprises or upsets? The Moon was void-of-course all day in unconventional, humanitarian Aquarius, so we could expect underdogs to be favored and actions not going quite as expected. A surprise win certainly happened for the Atlanta Falcons…and there was some other match that went into overtime and ended with a twist — I don’t remember which teams were involved. Ben Affleck was a surprise win for Best Director and “Argo” was a shock for Best Picture, though arguably not undeservedly.  And then there was Jodie Foster’s surprising acceptance speech, apparently addressing a topic we’d expect to hear about under the influence of the Venus-Uranus square…


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