Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/17/2011: More Buzz

More buzz today as news of something big keeps on spreading. Could that “something big” be one of your ideas? Write it down! It occurs to me that the written word (publishing) might well pull focus today (mental Mercury is challenged by expansive Jupiter, a connection that can suggest publishing) — and look — there on the front page of the New York Times we see this story about Amazon offering writers the chance to publish directly through them

Moon is still in chatty Gemini, going void at 6:18PM (break time!) — entering Cancer at 9:38PM ET.  Thoughts will likely shift to preserving homeland and emotional security. Watch the headlines.

Note also that as with last week, there are virtually no Moon voids during the work week, with the exception of today’s void affecting West Coast readers. Keep on truckin’.

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