Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/14/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

Greetings from New York!

If you’re working today you have no excuse for sleeping in. For those not working, Happy Columbus Day — and to readers in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving! What do Canadians have at their Thanksgiving dinners, I wonder….?

A friendly, networking and cerebral Moon in Aquarius starts off the work week, nicely balanced by the equally friendly and cerebral Libra Sun. However, a volatile connection to the Moon from aggressive Mars around 4:30PM ET suggests a potential clash or drama queen scene. If anyone around you seems like she’s looking for a fight, I encourage you not to engage simply for the sake of argument.

At 5:06PM ET, after a 30 minute Moon void, Moon enters Pisces, shifting the day’s vibe from the cerebral to the emotional. Go with the flow; follow your intuition and maybe indulge in a dreamy escape this evening, courtesy of the Moon’s hook-up with rose-colored Neptune at 9:56PM ET.

Planetary action is relatively light this week. Mars changes signs — from Leo to Virgo — tomorrow. As the weekend draws near, the action-oriented energy of Mars will become increasingly diffused by an approaching contact with nebulous Neptune. Mars-Neptune contact suggest nebulous actions, for better or for worse. For better: spectacular fantasy seemingly come to life, like the best Hollywood film you ever saw. For worse: lies, lies and more lies. Illusions can be wonderfully entertaining,  but that’s usually when you know what’s on the screen isn’t real. Watch the headlines for stories of con artists and other deceptive, but oh-so-seductive types. In your own personal world, measure twice and cut once.

In other news, we’ve got a Full Moon on Friday, which is also an eclipse. Stay tuned for details on that, as well as the significance of Mars in Virgo…and if you haven’t done so already, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS. Mercury turns retrograde next Monday.








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