Astro-logical Forecast for Friday-Tuesday 11/8-12/2013: A Holidaze Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend for many in the United States. Would you like it to start early? Well, you’re in luck, because the Capricorn Moon will be void of course from 2:39AM ET until 6:30PM ET, suggesting a time to chill or take care of tasks that are more routine than a brand new initiative. Maybe you have some closets to organize….or some structures that need review, given that Mercury is still retrograde. Maybe the structures are supporting your home, given that Jupiter just turned retrograde in Cancer. If you must punch the clock today, remember the Moon void advisory: it may feel like you are herding cats, as efforts to move forward in a straight line are subject to more than the usual delays, twists and flake outs. Go with the flow and remember that crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing.

Compassion, idealism, rarefied arts, healing and other beautiful escapes are also prominent this weekend, thanks to nebulous Neptune, loving Venus and mental Mercury all getting along famously. On Thursday I noted two relevant headlines: one about a fine night at Sotheby’s, and another about a  aesthetic trend based on total fantasy in Venezuela.

Back to Friday. Once the Moon gets into gear at 6:30PM ET, it’ll be in humanitarian Aquarius. That could push your aesthetic experience into fringe territory. It’s also a fine aspect for channeling compassionate/service-oriented urges into a group or networking situation. Or just hang out with your friends.

Saturday can actually be pretty efficient in projects requiring discipline and measured physical energy. There’s no Moon void to tempt you with useless purchases, though I’d still avoid electronic gizmos until Mercury gets out of retrograde — unless necessity demands it. Beautiful intangibles would be a wonderful element of your Saturday night: music, art, film; healing and soul connections. A fine wine may also be involved.

Whatever happens after 1AM ET on Sunday will happen during yet another long void — from 12:57AM ET until 9:38PM ET. The aspect that starts off the void, however, is the First Quarter Moon, suggesting a challenge to the New Moon agenda set last week. You  may need a long time-out to process whatever that challenge turns out to be. What was the Sabian Symbol of that New Moon? Ah, yes. Something to do with a gathering of elites having a ball. Look for that them in the headlines.

During the long Sunday void, Mercury will turn direct — at 4:12PM ET. Do take it easy on the roads, won’t you? A Moon void and Mercury changing direction on the same day is a recipe for problems caused by confused mental states, faulty communication and snafued transportation. Please chill and stay safe.

Moon will be in soulful Pisces on Monday (as of 9:38PM ET on Sunday) as Mercury and Neptune continue their rose-colored dance. It’s a good day for heartfelt ceremonies honoring those who have served in the Armed Forces are on deck today — as Veterans Day is observed in the United States. It’s a good day for heartfelt anything, frankly — planetary patterns suggest strong potential for empathy, art, music, healing, dreams and love, sweet love…and this rose-colored vibe carries over into Tuesday, too, which is another all-day void of course Moon, starting at 9:34AM ET until 2:39AM ET on Wednesday. Sounds like a reeealllly long holiday weekend to me….enjoy!

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