Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & the Long Weekend 10/5-8/2012: A Hint of Saturn in Scorpio

I’m on the road again, so this forecast will not be as detailed as planned. Briefly — to get your day started:

The Gemini Moon continues to flood the airwaves with information to be debated and processed, with an added demand for depth and substance, suggested by mental Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio at 6:35AM ET. This intensifies the tone of thought and communication.Whereas Libra (where Mercury has been) is gracious, rational, conflict-avoiding; Scorpio is ruthless, emotional and not afraid to cut to the chase no matter whose feelings may be hurt. See if you notice that shift as we experience the next few weeks.

Take note of your thoughts and brainstorms today, especially if you are structuring a deep vision. Not only is Mercury up for the discipline and focus (courtesy of a hook-up with stern Saturn), but it is inspired by an easy trine to visionary Neptune.

Saturn moves into Scorpio at 4:34PM ET. The bottom line here is the bottom line. No more theories and rationalizations. Debts must be paid! Losses must be cut! I’ll write more on this theme in future posts. Meanwhile, how might this affect you? Well, if you were born in the first few days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, check in with a friend who was born in the last few days of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn and they will explain how it feels to have Saturn pressuring you to reach for an ambition and/or exposing weaknesses in your support system. Born in the early days of Cancer or Pisces? Ambition may be realized and support obtained if you are willing to give up complacency. Do something!

Moon goes void Friday at 5:08PM ET on a buoyant hook-up with jolly Jupiter. Have a wonderful Happy Hour! I predict the wine bars will do very well tonight…and you’ll have the whole day Saturday to recover. Moon will be void until 8:45PM ET, when it enters homebody Cancer (there’s your clue for Saturday night and Sunday). We haven’t had a nice long Moon void in a while; enjoy the break and remember not to make any impulse purchases during this time, as whatever you think you need, you really don’t. On Monday, which is a holiday for some in the US, Moon goes void at 3:33AM ET not to enter Leo until 7:55AM ET on Tuesday. How perfect. If you are new to these forecasts, welcome! If you do not know what a Moon void is, click here.




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