Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/5: Mars, the Big T-Square Party & the US

No break today. Moon left the sign of Libra at 7:57AM ET and entered moody bastard Scorpio at 7:58AM ET, where it will strive to obtain knowledge to gain power and control, well-supported by a number of planets. Scorpio is a resilient, stubborn energy that runs deep and insists on being taken seriously. Add to that seriousness a cooperative, conservative connection between Sun (life force) and disciplined Saturn. Add to that the after effects of yesterday’s challenge between expansive Jupiter and Venus (money, among other things), suggesting the potential for wretched excess or over-indulgence.  Is a 500 point drop in the Dow a wretched excess? And let’s not forget the confusion added by Mercury retrograde (mind not thinking clearly) opposed by nebulous Neptune all this week and into next.

Let’s talk about Mars in Cancer (re-read Wednesday’s forecast). Mars refers to  action. Cancer refers to  emotional security — also relating to resources (money). The first two degrees of Cancer are part of the Aries Point. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that planets at the Aries Point (zero degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) demand attention — sometimes to the point of fame. So we have ACTION to preserve EMOTIONAL SECURITY getting MAJOR ATTENTION hitting the headlines yesterday — and today. Got it?

How does Mars in Cancer fit in with other patterns? We already talked about the excess of Jupiter-Venus. We also need to talk about how Mars is now making contact with the BIG T-SQUARE PARTY AMONG THE HEAVIES ruthless Pluto, disruptive Uranus and controlling Saturn, suggesting a pattern of upheaval, shocks to the system and news from underground — the aspects will be exact next week, so there’s your preview. Don’t freak out. Cool things like technological breakthroughs are also suggested. Did you hear yesterday that there is evidence of water (Cancer is a water sign) on Mars?

Finally, we ask — but why do we see this action to achieve security happening in certain countries, like the US, Greece, Italy, Germany, the UK, etc. My take (and other astrologers’ takes): the horoscopes of these countries have planets aligned with the Aries Point and the Big T-Square Party (which is becoming less of a controlled party, now that Saturn is moving out of the picture, leaving disruptive Uranus and Pluto free to turn things upside down, as they did in the 30s and the 60s.)

In the horoscope of the US, Venus (money) is at 2 Cancer. Jupiter (also related to resources) is at 5 Cancer. Both planets are in the second house, which relates to money/resources/value/worth. Right now, Mars is at 2 Cancer, activating Venus issues in the US. Uranus is at 4 Aries; Pluto is at 5 Capricorn; both are challenging the material abundance (Venus together with Jupiter) suggested by  the US chart). Follow me?

Wednesday on CNBC, a guest explained how economic cycles were connected to numbers. A year ending in 5 was good; a year ending in 0 or 1 was bad. That was their theory. And they were invited to tell the world about it on CNBC. I look forward to the day when astrologers are invited to present their theories in a bigger arena, above and beyond the fluff of “I’m a Cancer. Should I date a Pisces”? There’s so much more to it than that. And we have the charts to prove it.

In your own personal world, keep your grounding cord down and double check everything before you ship it. I failed to follow my own advice and corrected the typos in this forecast an hour after it was posted. You can enjoy the emotional depth and indulgence suggested by planetary patterns later tonight. Use the power of the Scorpio Moon to look beneath the surface and understand what’s really going on. More anon.


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