Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/3/2012 and the Weekend: A Meditation on Pisces

A slow start or twist in your usual routine for people on the East Coast — and across the Pond. Moon goes void-of-course at 3:24AM and enters Pisces at 9:58AM ET. In a perfect world, I’ll be able to sleep in late because the workers who have been doing construction work on my building at godforsaken early morning hours will have been abducted by space aliens. Hey, Moon is in Aquarius, sign of space aliens. It could happen ; )

This could be a dreamy Friday at the office, ruled by intangibles: music, spirit, escape, fantasy, illusion. The Pisces Moon hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 2:04PM ET — ’nuff said. Except that if you want to be perfectly clear, you may have to say it more than once, especially with Mercury (mind, communication, travel) still retrograde for the next five days. Other than that, go with the flow, as a dreamy fish is wont to do.

It occurred to me on Tuesday, when I was writing the forecast for the Full Moon in Aquarius — opposed by the Sun in Leo — that the problem of resolving the conflict of the Leo-Aquarius opposition is that neither sign is Pisces. You’ve got the push-pull between the personal needs of the individual (Leo) and the impersonal needs of the collective (Aquarius). It’s not until we get to Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, that we may begin to appreciate that the individual and the collective are one and the same; that the illusion that we are separated from one another is just that: an illusion. Pisces suggests that it really is “all for one and one for all”.

Imagine my surprise a few hours later, as I was reading yet another metaphysical book that had fallen into my lap — this one called Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch. At the end of Chapter 15, Walsch talks about his quest to find the answer to these questions: 1) What does it take to make life work? and 2) Why does my life have to be such a continuing struggle? Walsch credits a conversation with God with this answer:

“Your life does not have to be such a continuing struggle. The problem is simple. You think your life is about you. Your life is not about you.”

“It isn’t?” I asked.

“No,” God answered.

“Well, then, who in the world is it about?”

Everyone in the world.”

The book then expounds on a simple, yet profound concept that “All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and All Things are part of the One Thing That Is.”  Walsch makes the case that when you can apply this concept in day-to-day living, you will have mastered the key to success. Sounds pretty Piscean to me.

There are no heavy planetary aspects over the next few days, which makes for another perfectly lovely weekend of potential optimism and good times. Moon goes void of course on Sunday at 1:56PM ET and enters feisty Aries at 4:59PM ET. No impulse shopping sprees during the Moon void, if you please — and note the potential for surprise upsets in sports matches is higher when the Moon is void.

Meanwhile, today you can wish US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte a happy 28th birthday. Lochte’s horoscope caught my attention when his mother announced to the entire Free World that her son only had time for “one night stands.” I knew Lochte’s horoscope would reveal typical patterns consistent with a dominant maternal influence in the early home life, and sure enough, it does, starting with the lunar nodes  completely unaspected, suggesting that “maternal influence” is out of control.

Tomorrow, you can wish Barack Obama a happy 51st birthday. His lunar nodes suggest a strong maternal influence, too.


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