Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/19/2011 & the Weekend: Stop and Smell the Roses

Moon moving into Taurus Friday AM could have dropped a wheelbarrow of earthy stuff on whatever fires that were fueling you through the work week. Result: a slower, steadier pace — or one ground to a halt by stubborn resistance. Let’s hope it was just slow and steady, and a welcome break from the rush.

Taurus is a sensual sign that likes to build material security. Always nice to have this Moon on a weekend, so you can be freer to indulge in simple pleasures: food, a roll in a meadow, food, music — stuff like that.  Why music? A soulful connection between nebulous Neptune (which relates to intangible forms such as music and spirit) and Venus, which relates to art, beauty, women and money is exact on Sunday at 9:41AM ET. It could be a great weekend for artists, musicians and healers. It also sets up the potential for beauty, fantasy, transcendence and/or illusion in relationships– especially romantic ones. Got a hot date on Saturday night? It could be a dream come true — or just a dream. It may be hard to tell for the first few days of the work week. Nebulous Neptune dominates the planetary patterns until Wednesday, when aggressive Mars and controlling Saturn pull focus.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Enjoy a lush escape this weekend if you can; the planets certainly favor it. Even Obama is in tune with the cosmos the weekend

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