Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/12/2011 & the Weekend: Full Moon in Aquarius

Moon is still void of course as I write this — and — coincidence or conspiracy? — I see the Republican presidential candidates have scheduled another debate during a void, suggesting mountains made of molehills, unexpected twists, but overall, nothing of consequence. Feels like something — or perhaps someone — is missing here. Time will tell…

Moon entered the humanitarian sign of Aquarius late Thursday night and connects with innovative Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius first thing Friday morning. Whatever slings and arrows that were flung over the past few days under the influence of combustible Mars and explosive Pluto, Aquarius hopes to transcend creatively with friendly emotional detachment. What, me worry? The work week ends with an expansive, sometimes expensive connection between Moon and Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy. Given a choice, under promise and over deliver. You may be sorely tempted to do exactly the opposite — and live to regret it.

No void on the weekend! Hit the yard sales and shopping malls. Saturday’s highlight is the Full Moon, still in Aquarius. Under the Full Moon, we see the light of our New Moon agenda. On July 30th, we were asked to follow our bliss and play. Well? What have you learned from this exercise? We were also advised to “look for hotheads, pushovers, Madison Avenue smarts, hidden social agendas; political self-righteousness in disguise,” as suggested by the Sabian Symbol associated with the New Moon. Hmmm…seemed to be a lot of that going around.

The symbols of the Full Moon — 21 Leo and 21 Aquarius are “chickens intoxicated” and “a woman disappointed and disillusioned”. Whoaaaaaa! How does that sum up the much of the headlines over the past two weeks, at least in the Western world? My Sabian Symbol guru, Blain Bovee, suggests we approach this time with “a mind to the intoxicating nature of the spirit; rushing into frenzied excitement of false expectation; dispelling notions of being the chosen one….be alert for youthful, naive illusions; mature and sober perspectives; matters that turn sour; matters that soar beyond inhibitions”.

In your own personal world, you could simply have a rip-roaring time over a weekend filled with good cheer (idealism) and good spirits (intoxicating).  A word of caution during this heady couple of days —  on roads and around sharp machinery, as the volatile energy of Mars, Pluto and Uranus is still quite active.  Note your dreams on Sunday morn; the mood shifts noticeably as Moon enters soulful Pisces, needing to go with the flow, possibly near a body of water…

On Monday, Moon will be void of course all day not to enter Aries until 8:01PM on TUESDAY. Thinking of taking a summer vacation? What a great idea. If you have to work, ship it TODAY, Friday — try not to wait until Monday or Tuesday….

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