Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/7/2013: Setting the Scene for the New Moon and Next Week

Dear Readers, I am catching up on forecasts. Friday was such a dynamic day, I have to post about it. Stay tuned as I get us up to the present day and thanks for your patience…

This post was written early Friday morning:

A busy and dreamy buzz! Moon finally got into gear last night in airy Gemini at 11:32PM – after nearly two days of going nowhere in voidy Taurus mud. Can you feel that the pace has picked up? Moon in Gemini needs to be talking, moving and keeping itself informed and/or entertained.

The dreamy part of the buzz is courtesy of a grand water trine between Venus,  nebulous Neptune and disciplined Saturn exact this morning between 7:46AM and 11 something or other AM ET. Remember on Monday we had Mercury (mind, communication) involved in this pattern. So now the issues ruled by Venus – women, social expression, art, money – are tinged with that same rosy glow that could put some roots down in reality, thanks to the serious and structured energy suggested by Saturn. If you’re an artist, a healer or trying to work out a serious piece of diplomacy, use this energy to your advantage.

As the day progresses, issues of deception and revelation may become more pressing, suggested by two patterns mentioned earlier this week: mental Mercury squared by Uranus & opposed by Pluto (exact at 6:01PM ET tonight and 2:47PM ET Saturday); and aggressive Mars peddling oh-so-much snake oil as it is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 7:58PM ET tonight.  In the U.S., the Op-Ed sections of newspaper are shocked –shocked I tell you – over the story that broke yesterday about the US government collecting phone logs and other information from Verizon and now, apparently, nine internet companies as well. More jolts, dirt revealed and emotional ruthlessness are sure to follow next week, as Venus follows Mercury into the Uranus-Pluto square. In your own personal world, you’ll feel the intense and potentially liberating buzz of social expression most if you were born around the 1st of April, July, October and January…or if you have a planet or angle at 10-11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Last, but not least, at 4:26AM ET, nebulous Neptune turned retrograde at 5 degrees of Pisces. When a planet turns retrograde, it suggests we turn inward for insight and guidance in matters ruled by that planet. So with Neptune, which refers to inspiration, vision, faith and soulful connection, the suggestion is to tune in more to your own intuition over the next few months (Neptune turns direct on November 13th). In the news, we can expect issues of faith and vision to become highly charged, given that Neptune’s station is squared by aggressive Mars in double-talking Gemini. “Negative” manifestations of Neptune we can expect to see highlighted involve deception and delusional fog – some of which may be quite fanatical.

My own personal experience of all these buzzy jolts and weirdness was clearly felt just after 6AM on Friday. I was rushing to get to Penn Station via subway to catch a 6:55AM train that would take me to my college reunion. Well, I didn’t catch that particular train because someone on the subway pulled the emergency brake, and we sat in the tunnel for about 40 minutes. Weird — but not surprising, given my horoscope is personally affected by just about every wiggy exact planetary pattern I’ve been writing about. It all turned out fine; in fact, the disruptive jolt was a blessing. Instead of paying about $70 to take an Amtrak train, it only cost $20 to travel on a regional carrier, Metro North, which is where I starting writing the forecast you’re reading now — on Tuesday, June 11th.

Random astro-logical side thought: take all this emphasis in water signs, including the glamorous potential of the Mars-Neptune square, with Neptune at its station turning retrograde in Pisces, and isn’t it fascinating that aquatic goddess and screen legend Esther Williams passed away? Miss Williams is a Leo with Moon and Ascendant in Libra. Let the record show that her regal, dramatic Leo Sun is exactly conjunct nebulous ethereal Neptune — just one of the planetary patterns in her horoscope that perfectly reflects the life she lived on Earth. RIP, Miss Williams. You are missed.

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