Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/22/2012 & the Weekend:Uranus Square Pluto — We Have All Been Here Before

Moon entered playful, regal Leo last night at 11:47PM, bringing out the rollicking drama queen in all of us. Well, maybe some of us. A happy connection to jolly Jupiter at 4:19AM ET gets East Coasters out of bed with enthusiasm. Lunar aspects for the rest of the day are equally sunny and innovative (to loving Venus and offbeat Uranus, at 2:50PM and 3:38PM ET, respectively). Are you feeling lighter today than you were yesterday?

A soulful idealism also permeates the air, reflected in a harmonious connection between Sun in Cancer and nebulous Neptune in Pisces. This aspect is exact at 11:55PM ET Saturday, but its influence has been felt all week. Writers, healers and other spiritual artists can flourish in this rose-colored inspirational fog. Others may make statements that defy all rational belief systems, like this mind-boggling assertion from Joe the Plumber. Is there such a thing as idealism gone too far? What sayest thou? Actually, Mr. the Plumber’s perspective would seem to embody the square between expansive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune, which was discussed earlier in the week (and is exact on Monday). Great faith, grand spirit — and the potential for convolution when applied to matters of law and logic.

In your own personal world, TGIF and get out and party. Same for Saturday, too — taking note that the Leo Moon will be void of course at 6:26PM ET…not to enter discriminating Virgo until 7:43AM ET on Sunday.

Also happening on Sunday (4:14AM ET), the widely anticipated first of seven exact squares between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  Yep, this is the series of events that has all the astrologers buzzing. The exact squares will occur over the next three years. Call it the Mother of All Planetary Patterns. When Uranus and Pluto get together, expect the unexpected, as the status quo is disrupted so that something new (and hopefully more empowered), can take its place. Often the disruption occurs as a result of corruption in a hallowed system being exposed. There’s so much of it in the headlines — has been for so long — and will continue to be for the several years. Sexual abuse in a schools — long hidden; now revealed.  Financial institutions downgraded. A really rotten way to run a prison. Issues of individual freedom vs. institutional authority.

Some people find what’s happening now oddly familiar. They compare these times to the 60s…or even the 30s. Well, guess what? Pluto and Uranus were square to one another in the early 30s. They were conjunct in the mid-60s. So we’re seeing a resurgence of issues that were big then…big now. Health care (1965 brought us Medicare — where are we now?) Access to contraception in the United States became legal for married women in 1965. Research and development of oral contraceptives started in the 30s. Where are we now? On a lighter note, have you noticed what people are wearing these days?  The 60s are definitely back…to finish what they started.

One more thought about upheavals that will likely change our world forever. It’s absolutely no coincidence that we’d see a line like this at this time:  “After 40 years, more evidence is being reported Wednesday that the end of the biggest manhunt in the history of physics might finally be in sight.” So don’t hit the panic button just yet. Some of these breakthroughs and upheavals just may save us in the long run. “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”.

So what does this mean for YOU?  Well, if you were born with the Sun in the first half of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn (especially six to eleven days into those signs)…or you have a key planet (like the Moon) or a key point (like the Ascendant or Midheaven) in that part of the zodiac, you’ve likely been handed — or dealt, with no option to resist or refuse —  opportunities for empowerment (Pluto) and emancipation (Uranus) that have disrupted your status quo.  Read more about this in an article I wrote that is posted here

Suffice it to say, virtually everyone who has contacted me for a consultation during the last year has been personally affected by this powerful Uranus-Pluto transit. Most could not believe that I could see the sudden changes in the horoscope — without them having to tell me. And they appreciated the perspective that astrology gave them as they navigated these challenges and changes. Astrology has an uncanny way of making life make sense.

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