Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/1/2012: Summer When It Sizzles

OMG, June is finally here and there is so much on deck this month that I don’t even know where to start. Neptune goes retrograde on a full moon/lunar eclipse on the 5th. Jupiter moves into Gemini for a year’s stay on the 11th. The New Moon on the 19th and the Summer Solstice on the 20th are just days away from the Mother of All Planetary Patterns — a challenge between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  On the 24th, these two heavies will square off for the first time since the early ’30s — remember those days? They’ll continue to bump into each other for a total of seven times over the next three years. If you’re someone who thrives on change, you’ll love it. Think positively!

What does all this action have to do with you? If you’re in Brooklyn on Sunday night, I’ll be talking about this jam-packed month on Ellen Reeves’ fantabulous TALK SHOW  — stop by, tell your friends and alert the media. If you’re not in Brooklyn but you know a little bit about your horoscope, you’ll find helpful information on how this Uranus-Pluto square may impact your own personal world in this article I wrote for a local astrology newsletter back in March.

Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates…and now for the today’s whether forecast: Moon heading into Scorpio at 8:31AM ET demands depth and control, fueled by soulful inspiration…or delusion. Remember how idealism — the need to see things in the best possible light — is one of this week’s themes, courtesy of a hookup between mental Mercury and social Venus? Here’s a headline that fits this planetary pattern perfectly: George W. Bush — like him or not — was at the White House yesterday, where his Official Presidential Portrait was unveiled. From the videos of this event that have been posted on YouTube, everyone was having a marvelous time.

Another theme that will become more apparent as we move into the weekend and the Moon waxes full (exact Monday at 7:12AM ET), is the passion — frustrated or highly charged — that is suggested by a challenge between Venus (the feminine, the receptive) and Mars (masculine, aggressive) that will also be exact on Monday. Anyone have a big date planned?

Remember that Venus — which relates to our aesthetic sense and our relationships — is still retrograde. Tempting as that hot new thing may be, be advised that you may feel quite differently about said thing once Venus turns direct on June 27th.  On the other hand, it could be argued that some of the most sizzling passions can be experienced during a Venus retrograde. Hmmmm…..well…if you do indulge, seriously think twice before running off to Vegas to tie the knot. And whether you’re in a relationship or not, set your intentions for a positive outlet for your passions.

I’ll post another forecast for Sunday later. Anon…



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