Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/8/2011 and the Weekend

A supportive connection from controlling Saturn grounds the distracted energy of today’s Moon in information-junkie Gemini. If you’re revising or reviewing, that’s good for business! Moon goes void at 10:24PM EDT, doesn’t enter Cancer until 5:02PM EDT on Saturday. No impulse shopping at yard sales; save it for Sunday. Chill — or get thee to a gym.

Saturday is notable for two aspects: a sharp connection between Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aries encourages impulsive thoughts and actions (do you see a challenge here, given the Moon void?). Better to use that energy for brainstorming or reorganizing, as opposed to taking decisive action. Meanwhile, ruthless Pluto in make-it-happen Capricorn goes retrograde at 4:49AM, where it will continue to tear down and/or empower those of us with a planet between 4 and 8 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.If you were born four to eight days into those signs, you can count yourself in that category. You’re up for a major change of perspective for all of 2011. (If you don’t know where the rest of your planets are, isn’t now the time to find out?) Consult your local astrologer for details.

In world events, we’ll be revisiting issues concerning energy resources, news from underground and our infrastructure. Moon in Cancer needs emotional security. Staying close to home and enjoying the comforts therein isn’t a bad strategy for the rest of the weekend. Be especially mindful on Sunday, as the Moon (and thus our emotional response) will be sorely challenged by combative Mars, ruthless Pluto and restrictive Saturn. Please don’t pick a fight, especially with Pluto challenging Mars in a potentially brutal and explosive clash on Monday afternoon (but we’ve been under that influence for a few days already — isn’t that right, John Boehner: “No Accord in Budget Talks…etc” And by the way, NATO isn’t apologizing for its deadly airstrikes on rebel forces in Libya, either So there. Nyah. (sigh)

Moon is void of course during business hours on Monday — 8:05AM – 11:37PM EDT — FYI. More anon, including that promised look at those departing media figures….thanks for your patience, dear reader…

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