Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/5/2013: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Planetary patterns suggest a perfectly lovely morning, as the friendly and helpful Aquarius Moon syncs up beautifully with a trifecta of inspiration: loving Venus, proactive Mars and the Sun all in Aries. We need that humanitarian Aquarius Moon to temper the self-absorbed (but oh-so-adorable) focus of all that Aries energy, doncha’ know…

Moon goes void at 1:22PM ET, suggesting that for West Coasters, your work day is a bit of a bust. Wanna start your weekend really early? Go for it, and tell the boss your astrologer said it was OK. East Coasters, make the most of the morning and spend the rest of the day taking care of routine tasks and chilling out. If you absolutely must ship this afternoon, please check it more than once. Oh, I could tell you stories about things I did during the all-day voids on Monday and Wednesday that had to be scrapped on Tuesday and Thursday. Better you should just keep yourself amused with something of no consequence whatsoever, like the humble Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. An avid reader sent me the link to this fascinating product because of the 3,328 highly entertaining customer reviews posted on Amazon. Said avid reader has four planets in Aquarius, a sign known for its affinity for that which is weird, wacky and/or absurd.

I’ll write more on the weekend later. Meanwhile, here is the actual link to that story about the first integrated prom at a high school in Macon, Georgia (I posted the wrong one yesterday when writing the forecast during the void, of course).

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